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Ishara's Road Signs

Give the road signs (in Skyrim) something to do other than being "eye candy"

What it does:
Each road sign gives you the follwing options
1. Save game*
2. Fast Travel**
3. Save game and Fast Travel**
4. Do nothing

*Save game function requires SKSE. Saves are named in the following manner:
<name of city on sign> Road Sign Save <incremental save #>
The incremental save # is global to the mod.
Whiterun Road Sign Save 1
Riverwood Road Sign Save 2

**Fast Travel options are not available until you've visited the town/city in question. For cities enclosed by walls you must have entered the city for the option to be present.

FYI - by road sign I mean the specific piece of wood that has the name of the city on it.

Gives a in-game means of making a full save without needing to exit and navigate menus.
By using the road signs that point to your destination city, one can be reminded of where they were going when next they load the game.

Everything is new. If a mod moves a road sign, the activators will still function at the sign's original location.


NMM or manual

NMM or manual

Future Plans:
None. I just wanted to give the signs something to do. The fast travel was added as an after thought. I had thought of creating a scene that had a carriage with the player getting on board thus turning the signs into "bus stops" but I could not makes sense of the carriage scripts/quests. However, if there are enough requests, I may be persuaded to create patches/add-ons for DLC/mods.

Do what you want with this. Please give credit if you include any of my work in your publicly released projects.