P.F.O - Poison Food Overhaul v1.3 - Assassination contracts and additional Poison Variety by Markyboy444
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*note see read-me in download folder for instructions on updating and installing*

I felt that Having to poison someone by putting an actual poison bottle in their inventory and expecting them to drink it was very Immersion Breaking.
My mod introduces the ability to craft poisoned food at any cook-pot in skyrim, each poisoned food adds varying effects to your target. My mod also provides a bonus addition of more Kill/assassination contracts to allow your character to test out their new found poisoning abilities. This mod is ideal for Assassins who want to be more creative with their kill contracts.

Foods currently Poisoned:
Sweet-roll, Pies, Red and Green Apples, Beef, Chicken breast, Alto wine, Spiced Wine, venison, mammoth meat, treats, black briar meed, honningbrew mead and More!

Regarding Perks...
Ensure you have the relevant perks/skills to place poison in the targets inventory.
As shown at ** you NEED to have specifically the 'poisoned' perk in the pickpocketing skill tree to place poisons in a targets inventory.

I have also made alternate Versions of each poisoned food containing Jarrin root
these foods are named after where the Jarrin root is obtained, Stros'mkai.

Description of jarrin root found on Elder scrolls wiki - "It comes from a rare, poisonous plant found only on the island of Stros M'kai. Its potency is such that ingesting the root may lead to nearly instantaneous death."

Please See the read-me provided if you unsure of how to install my mod and how to start/find the quests. (My Mod is a standard installation, just drag and drop all files provided into the data folder and enable via skyrim launcher.)

Future release plans:
Allow the player to use any poison to poison a food, rather than a specific poison required.
E.g You can use Deathbell, Jarrin root, nightshade etc on any food.
Make DLC versions for Dawnguard, Dragonborn and Hearthfire, featuring the foods/poisons added in those dlc's.