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This mod adds a new building to Skyrim. It is located near Riverwood, and it allows you to enter QASmoke. I also added an exit in the QASmoke hallway for easy exit instead of having to use console.

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QASmoke - The Passageway is a mod that creates an entrance to the Cell QASmoke. The entrance is located somewhere in Riverwood, and it is up to you to find it. Once you make it through the entrance, you will walk down a passage way, making your way to the legendary QASmoke. I just made this little mod for fun, and I enjoy using it. I hope you all enjoy it also, and it would mean a lot if you download it!

*NOTE* There is a bug right now were when you walk into the hallway were the entrance is there is a grey area. I do not know what this is about, but it is OK to walk through! YOU WON'T DIE! (Any help in the posts would be appreciated!)

- Compatible with Dawnguard
- Compatible with Hearthfire
- Compatible with Dragonborn

To Do List:
- Create a better entrance

Any suggestions will truly help me, since I am a new modder and there are others with more experience!