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Added: 14/02/2014 - 02:01AM
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Want a longer period to wait and sleep LOOK HERE
1. Download the mod here Sleep Menu Extender *MAKE SURE YOU DOWNLOAD THE SKSE VERSION OR IT WILL NOT WORK.
2. Install the mod.
3. When in game bring up the console with "tilde"
4. Type "set SleepMenuMaxHours to X" Replace X with a value up to 744 (31 days).
5. Save the game
6. Have Fun!

This mod is Controller Compatible

iWASM - Immersive Wait And Sleep Menu Readme

A more Immersive Sleep and Wait Menu (in my opinion, hopefully you will think so too)
This is my First UI Mod for skyrim hope you like it.

-Copy the "Interface" folder into your skyrim Data Folder.

-Delete sleepwaitmenu.swf from Skyrim/Data/Interface

This mod is NOT compatible with any mod that changes the "sleepwaitmenu.swf" file.

Most mods like SKSE mods that dont mess with the position of any of the items in the sleep/wait menu. Hints the link to the SKSE mod for longer periods of wait and sleep.