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Monsters Reborn by Thimor
Skyrim » Overhauls
Added: 13/02/2014 - 07:08PM
Updated: 13/02/2014 - 07:07PM

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Uploaded by GnomeC1


Last updated at 19:07, 13 Feb 2014 Uploaded at 19:08, 13 Feb 2014

Ever felt like Skyrim has become something too easy? Well this mod will be your best friend (Or enemy) by bringing in a bunch of new enemy types. If you find them too easy please tell me in the comments and I'll change them to be either more challenging or create a newer enemy type for higher leveled players.


This is from the Steam Workshop uploaded by the creator so feel free to complain about bugs and other things.

Liking or favoriting is always good in my book so why not drop one by if you enjoy!

Enemies Spawn at level
-Dire Wolf: Level 30
-Resurrected Dwemer: Level 30
-Dwarven Hunter: Level 40
-Dwarven Widow: Level 50
-Dwarven Apparatus: Level 70
-Falmer Blindeye: Level 1-40
-Falmer Vagabond: Level 65
-Falmer Derilect: Level 65-70
-Spriggan Queen: Level 30
-Thalmor Spy: Level 30
-Rotten Hero: Level 30
-Draugr Dragonborn: Level 15 (Low chance at a really low level)
-Forsaken Draugr: Level 60
-Colossus: Level 40
-Faceless: Level 30
-Rogue Assassin: Level 60
-Firefly Dragon: Level 50
-Ageing Dragon: Level 60
-Fallen Blade: Level 40
-Vampire Fleshling: Level 30
-Forsworn Outcast: Level 60
-Oblivion Walker: Level 50
-Succubus: Level 80
-Ancient Resurrected Dragon: Level 100
-Blizzard Dragon: Level 150
-Seized Throne: Level 50
-Dovah Soul Priest: Level 140
-Frozenbite Spider: Level 30
-Frostbite Tarantula: Level 15
-Incubus: Level 120
-Arachnomancer: Level 50
-Inferno Dragon: Level 150
-Sovngard Dragon: Level 200
-Vampire Bloodthief: Level 50

Loading Screens:
-Faceless loading screen
-Resurrected Dwemer loading screen
-New Dragons loading screen
-Falmer Outcasts loading screen
-Falmer Blindeye loading screen
(None of these will interfere with any other loading screen mods you may have)

Weird fact Bandits upon hitting the levels for the Faceless and Rogue Assassin's to spawn will begin wearing their outfit, don't know why and don't really mind it

Currently in the mod:
-New Falmer type
-New Giant type
-Four Dwemer types
-Three Bandit types
-New Thalmor
-Two New Dragons
-New Wolf type
-New Draugr type
-New Spriggan type
-New Vampire Thrall
-New Ghost type
-New Skeleton type
-New Forswarn type
-New Quest

Update 20/01/2014
-Two New Falmer Outcasts (They will fight other falmer and you)
-New Dremora type
-Another New Draugr type

Update 22/01/2014
-Dire Wolves should now properly spawn in the wild at level 30

Update 25/01/2014
-Succubus enemies are now in the game and will kill anyone and will summon her already seduced males to fight for her and they will spawn at level 80

Update 26/01/2014
-The Fallen Blade and Fallen Hero will now also spawn when wandering the wilderness at the appropriate level
-Dwarven Apparatus' stats have now doubled to make him worth a fight
-Draugr Dragonborn's now have their own custom sword (Can't pick it up though)
-Ageing Dragon is now a lot more powerful

Update 28/01/2014
-Added in a quest at the sleeping giant inn, speak to Alakai (No dialogue sound for him though) and the quest works great
-New Dragon type added into the game for those at level 100 or higher

Update 29/01/2014
-Fixed the Fallen Blades spawning a ton in the Marsh areas
-Hopefully fixed the Fallen Blades not having the ghost effect
-Forsworn Outcasts should spawn a bit more regularly upon hitting level 60

Update 30/01/2014
-Added three new enemies/allies for the Civil war
-Imperial Knight will now appear on rare occassions from level 5 onward
-Imperial Legionnaire will now appear from level 50 onward
-Stormcloak Warmonger will now appear from level 50 onward

Update 31/01/2014
-Fixed Fallen Blades spawning at level one due to them being really hard to kill and have now been bumped to spawn at level 40

Update 1/02/2014
-Renamed Quake Dragon to Ancient Resurrected Dragon
-Reskined the Quake Dragon

Update 3/02/2014
-Added 5 new enemies
-Blizzard Dragon
-Seized Throne
-Dovah Soul Priest
-Frozenbite Spider
-Frostbite Tarantula
-Fixed Warmonger and Legionnaire attacking NPC's and the player on sight

Update 3/02/2014
-Made some slight changes to the Blizzard Dragon to possibly fix bugs

Update 6/02/2014
-Incubus has been added to the game and will spawn and attack bandits
-Incubus has two spells. Conjure Seduced Female and Conjure Succubus
-Three new spells are for sale at Farengar
-Seduced Females are the same as Seduced Males
-Dovah Soul Priest is now spawning along his Draugr pals at level 140

Update 10/02/2014
-Arachnomancers have been added and are masters of the spider arts, they will spawn at level 50
-Two new Dragonpriests have now been added and are around the dragon lairs in Skyrim, they have custom masks on them, what could this mean?

Update 12/02/2014
-Removed Imperial Knight, Legionnaire and Stormcloak Warmonger to prevent possible problems
-Two New Dragon types
-Male and Female Faceless and Rogue Assassins have been added
-Changed the Vampire Fleshling's voice to a womans (Because it was creepy with them speaking with a male voice)
-Added Vampire Bloodthief

Update 13/02/2014
-Added a craftable and improvable Draugr Dragonborn Blade
-Added a new vampire varient Sun Striker
-Vampire Sword,Greatsword, Bow and Arrows have been added to all my vampires
-Vampire weapons are craftable
-New Vampire Alteration spell available at Farengar
-Fixed Female Rogue Assassin's and Faceless having a male voice

More will be coming soon, you will have to be a certain level to actually find these varients, but if you're already a high level please tell me if you're able to find them, because if you can't no matter how hard you look send a comment my way and I'll fix it right away.

Coming Next update:

Coming Next Mini Update:
-Whatever needs fixing