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A l i k ' r T e n t
- by DavideMitra -

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The mission of the Alik'r Tent project is to bring an original, unique and comfortable home to all Redguard characters, expecially to Alik'r ones.
Skyrim's frozen evironment and nordic architecture don't match with Redguard habits, making every Hammerfell folk, expecially the desert ones, feel like an alien in a new world.
The purpose of this tent is to become a small piece of Hammerfell in a remote and hostile region like Skyrim.


  • The mod has been completely created with vanilla stuff (except for a shield mesh). Impressively, even if I had to work with vanilla materials, I was able to furnish the tent like a real Arab (excuse me...Alik'r) one!
  • The tent is located in one of the warmest and friendliest Skyrim Holds for an Hammerfell citizen: Falkreath. It is hidden in the middle of the nature and it can be found near Pinewatch. An already-discovered map marker indicates you the position of the camping site.
  • The content of the tent is not static: most things can be toggled on/off and some things can also be moved by a place to another. In order to interact with objects, you will have to press a wooden button at the entrance. This button will show/hide all the other buttons that will permit you to interact with the surroundings.
  • Storing items will be more immersive: in most cases, if you want to store something, you will have to interact with objects. For example, if you'd like to store a book, you will have to look at the books inside the tent and an invisible container will appear, letting you store your book. PS: if you think words spam too much, at the entrance there's a button that permits you to hide invisible containers. Of course, if you hide them, their content will NOT disappear!
  • Inside some tent's containers I added 11 new unique items. Most of them are enchanted and the enchantments have been choosen because they were the right ones for a desert folk.
  • This mod features a shield-on-back option!!! However, the shield on back is a zero-weight fake version that replaces the arrow-quiver slot. So, switching between the two shield variants must be manually done...
  • If inside the tent it's too dark, you can turn the lights on.


  • I didn't edit navmeshes. Since it's only a small tent and not a real house, I will not release an update with navmeshes included.
  • Every container is safe-storage and will never respawn. The only exception is the Backup chest: it starts disabled and it can be enabled via-button.
  • When you are outside, you can sit down in a bench. Inside the tent, however, there are no chairs. That's because this is an Arab-style tent. If you want, you might sit down in the carpets, but, in order to do that, you will need an animation mod. I use this:
  • Sorry guys, no rain clipping. This time it didn't work properly, so, I preferred to not touch weather.
  • The mod has been already cleaned with TES5Edit

!!! HAVE FUN !!!