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Welcome to Simple Livin'. :)

This is an underground house mod with a nice few amenities outside.

Table of Contents

- Features inside the house
- Features outside the house
- Installation
- Updating
- Warnings
- And finally~

Features inside the house!
- Bed
- A feast fit for a king, fitting of the aspiring Dragonborn.
- Alchemy table with strongbox for ingredients
- Enchanting table with strongbox for soul gems
- Two bookcases
- A nice stock of fine wines and meads
- A special mead called Blackout, made by me. WARNING: Not for the faint of heart. Note that the Blackout is pointless.
- Hanging ingredients
- A fancy chest for your doodads
- A small nightstand for whateveryouwannaputthere
- A cooking pot with a cosy little fire
- Places to put your bum
Added in the 1.1 update!
- A nice little table with a book and a candle between the chairs
- A nice little reading area near the book cases, complete with piled books so you can seem like you actually read them. :D
Added in the 1.2 update!
- A mannequin! PLEASE NOTE!: I'm having a problem with the mannequin in which when you first enter Simple Livin' (or the first time loading 1.2 for those updating), the mannequin may be moving around. Simply leaving the house and re-entering fixed this for me. I'll explain more below.)
- Weapon racks!

Features outside the house!
- Beautiful scenery, of course!
- A small area to cut firewood, also containing an outside fire with cooking spit and more places to put your bum!
- A nice little boat serving absolutely no purpose at all. :D
- A full smithy placed above ground
- A nice little windmill, because why not?
- A very, very tiny chest with 1000 of the house keys in case you happen to lose one. It also insults you.
Added in the 1.2 update!
- I fixed the small immersion breaking problem of there not being a chimney stack outside when there is a fireplace inside. Not extremely important, but definitely something that really bugged me when I noticed I had forgotten it.


Download with the NMM, or simply place the yobedodo.esp file into your Data directory.
Make sure if you're placing the file in your Data directory yourself that you have the yobedodo.esp file checked so that it will work in game.

For those who are updating to a newer version!!

Please note that I'm a very inexperienced modder, so I haven't fully grasped this updating business. So, if you're updating to a newer version, I would recommend completely uninstalling the mod and then installing the new version. You have the specs of the update, so if it's not important enough to go through that, it's your choice. Note: Before uninstalling, make sure to remove all your items from the modgrounds so that you wont lose them. If you forget, I claim no responsibility. >:}
Also, for those updating from v1 or v1.1 to v1.2 or higher, the map marker has now been changed to the marker for rocks instead of a settlement. This makes it much easier to see, since as far as I can tell, the rock marker wasn't even used on the vanilla map. :D

Listen up, little ones! This is the part where I give warnings and tell you things you should know.

This mod uses only items and such from the vanilla game, so nothing else is required. The ability to sit cross-legged, lean on things, and eat/drink while sitting are all part of a mod called Dovahkiin Relaxes Too, which you can get here.

Note that this mod replaces what I believe is a random camp. I'm pretty sure it's unimportant, but if not, please alert me immediately and I will relocate the house.

Now for something not important, but I did type it so reading it would be appreciated.~ :D

Things such as food on plates, plates on tables, forks on tables, things on other things, all of that, can generally be knocked around by bumping into it. You've probably had this happen when walking too close to a table. Well guess what? NOT IN THIS MOD!

See, I may or may not have accidentally put way too many things, way too close together, upon the table of feasting. This caused some, well... unwanted consequences. And so, I went back in and set everything to not havok settle, as well as loading the defaultDisableHavokOnLoad script into them so now they don't do shiz. You can still pick them up and everything like that, they just wont fly everywhere if you happen to bump them. :D

In regards to the mannequin.
I'm not sure about what causes it to be walking around when you first load the house with the 1.2 update. I know mannequins are actually NPCs (which is kinda creepy, btw Bethesda), which definitely has something to do with it. I'm not sure if I'm missing some sort of script or if there is a checkbox I'm overlooking. If anyone knows the fix, please post and I'll get right on it. :D

And finally!

If you're downloading then first of all, THANK YOU!!!..unless you don't like it, in which case I hope you get torn limb from limb by angry atronachs. :) Second of all; if you have any recommendations for things which I can add to this, please don't hesitate to say it! I will try my best to accommodate.