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Last updated at 7:13, 12 Feb 2014 Uploaded at 7:13, 12 Feb 2014

Prepare yourself for some freaking ROLEPLAY SON!

This is a small plugin that first adds a new configuration menu to the glorious list I'm sure you already have.

Step the second; you may enter this configuration menu and select any of the toggles under the new "VPA" menu, toggling on will add the relevant lesser power to your spellbook.

Triggering each lesser power will allow your player character to perform the "action" or "emote" tied to said lesser power.

Upon seeing your character finally doing something other than full-murder-mode or full-vegetable-mode, the citizens will REJOICE!

I lied about the last part, but you might.

Check out the screeny-pies to see what you COULD be PRETENDING to do. /gasp

More to come after I've slept/worked/eaten/THE REST OF IT

Add your own, let's make a family album.

Installation: I'm not sure you're hard enough for this, you better NMM it.

Uninstall: Why?

Actually though: Deactivate it in NMM yo. Didn't install with NMM and you're not sure how to manually uninstall? Told you you weren't hard enough.

COMPATS, AS IN COMPATIBILITY: Yeah well, this is basically compatible with most of everything, I mean, I run a lot of nonsense plugins, and no conflicts yet.

If there are plugins that take offense to your character using furniture then they may conflict in ways, hopefully hilarious ways so you can come tell me about them.


Q: Why aren't there any frequently asked questions?

PREDICTED Q: Can you add X action/emote?
A: If you've seen someone in-game do it, let me know who and where, I'll take a look, we'll see what we can do.

Sources for scripts aaaaare included, so if you're curious POP THE MU'FUDGIN' HOOD.

I think that's everything...probably...yeah...let me know if I missed something k?