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Added: 12/02/2014 - 07:15AM
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Last updated at 6:57, 12 Feb 2014 Uploaded at 7:15, 12 Feb 2014

ENB is a great tool,perhaps one of the most necessary graphics mods in my opinion.
I tried many different ENB presets claiming to be realistic,and aside from the performance drop,almost every one would have something that I think didn't really made things as realistic as they could get.
One would have too much contrast,resulting in half surfaces be too bright and others too dark,another would undersaturate colors too much...

So I've decided to play with the settings and spend some time trying to find a sweet spot.
Some settings that wouldn't make the picture too saturated or under-saturated, neither too dark or too bright,or too blurry.
At the same time I decided to turn off some of the features that have a noticeable drop on performance but offer little or almost not noticeable improvement.

So I've reached to a point were I liked my settings,I thought of sharing them,perhaps someone else might like the visual outcome too.

Please remember to download and install the ENB Injector from here:
And then extract the files from the zip folder on the same place,(Skyrim folder) and when prompted to overwrite,click 'YES'.