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Immersive Inn Keepers


My reasons for making this mod
Immersive? How?
Next Update

My reasons for making this mod

The idea for this mod was from Gopher who suggested,in his Lets Play Skyrim Again : Chapter 4 Ep 31, that the Inn keepers should clean up the tables and remove all the food so that the Dragonborn could eat in peace .

Immersive? How?

Now when the Inn keepers will ask the player if he wants food or drink, they will also clean up the tables in the Inn. After some time the tables will go back to their original state, so the Inn keepers will have to clean them up again!

Next Update
In the next update, the player will be able to ask the inn keeper for a table. The food the player buys from the inn keeper, through a new dialogue, will appear on the table and will be the players.


This is, as far as I know, compatible with all mods but it will only work in Skyrim and Solstheim. I might make patches for Faalskar and other major mods though.
If you witness a compatibility problem please be kind enough to report it in the comments!

Have you ever wondered why the tables were never cleaned up in the Inns? Why half eaten food was left on the tables?

Thanks to Gopher for the idea!
As always please leave suggestions, pictures and anything else! (Apart from stupid, rude or useless comments!)
If anyone has any suggestions I am always listening!

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