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changed the moon to your choice of 20 Moon Options. Version 2 up! -secunda versions uploaded!

Permissions and credits

- They are probably fully compatible with any mods.
- If you have already a moon texture replacer, you have to overwrite it to use this mod.

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Things I'm working on now Due to the moon size tweek mod I did, Complete Revamp of all the moons is underway.

Version 2 will be:
-All moons will be 512x512 =Done
-Alpha channel tweeked for all to show more detail (I hope) =Done
-Alpha channel tweeked to make them all brighter =Done
-All Moons will have a Masser version =Done
-All Moons will have a secunda version = Done
-All will be NMM freindly (I hope)
-When this revamp is done it will get rid of all Moonshaddow issues for everyone and will go perfectly with the Moon size tweek =Done

Description v1
- Dusty
- Earth 2
- Hellish Moon
- Hellish Moon 2
- majoras mask
- Tranquility
- Blue Wave
- Dusty 2
- Red
- Forsaken
- Amber Lights
- Volcanic
- Earth 3
- Earth Cracked
- Barron waste
- Earth 4
- Ice 1
- Ice 2
- Read haze
- Volcanic 2

1. Extract the masser or secunda versions to a temporary location. each will have 20 .rar files in them
2. Open Nexus Mod Manager hit the tab mods
3. add from file - make sure you can see all files in the selector in the bottom corner
4. Pick the one you want and ativate
5. Enjoy

1. Deactivate the Mod from NMM

Know bug/conflict
very slight star see through around the border of a couple moons, should not ruin the game for ya

Tools Used
Adobe Photoshop 7.
Nvidia .DDS photoshop plugin.
Google search
-sins of a solar empire
-Mass effect