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Adds 63 more poses and fills out the empty slots in Dramatic Poses And Male Poses from Pinup Poser.

Permissions and credits
Update Log:
Changed Dpose 43,53,54, 72 and added Male Pose 48 and 49 (Aside from 43, the changed and the added poses are Assassin Creed Poses, best used with a hidden blade of sorts but swords will also do.)

Picture References are now moved to Optional.

Added Picture Reference Folder.
Changed DPose 52 (Once an ordinary Bow pose) to a Xianghua [Soul Calibur] type Pose

Added 10 more Poses for Dual sword, 2-handed sword and Axe.
Added Images of some of the poses.

Added 10 more Poses for Staffs/Spears and Dual Swords in Pinups for Men Pose


This adds 65 additional poses filling out all 43 empty slots in Dramatic Poser and 22 more poses in Male pose in the standing criteria from Pinup Poser Mod created by Halofarms. And yes this needs Pinup Poser to be installed in your game in order for this to work.


1. Install Pinup Poser (For those who don't have it)

Here is his site:

Warning: Installing pinup poser when you are already in the middle of your gameplay will have a high probability of ruining your game and give you random CTD's when loading. Also do not try installing it using NMM it won't work.

2nd Warning: Older versions of pinup poser does not have dramatic Pose included. If you don't want to update pinup poser due to "Reasons which I can relate to" and still want to use the poses here then please go to the bottom of the page to know how.

2. Download and extract the "Data" Folder from the rar and paste its contents in SkyrimData folder.

3. In game use the Dramatic pose rings and click 38 - 81 and find that they magically do some poses and 28-47 in the Male ring in the Stand section.


1. Do I have permission to do this?

Based on Haloforms About page

It's a most likely maybe. I don't know but I will take it down if that is the case.

2. Why did you even bother to make these?

Because I was miffed that Skyrim didn't have jump attacks and its jump animation leaves something to be desired. So I learned the hard-way by searching through google and watching/reading tons of video and pdf tutorials and finally made the one poses I wanted...a freaking jump attack even if it is in pose form. (aka Pose No. 81)

3. What did you use to make these poses?

I used 3ds Max, the default Skyrim Skeleton "skeleton.hkx" and Vanilla mesh.

4. Why the bunk did you use the Vanilla ones why not CBBE or UNPC body!?

Because I couldn't decide sadly...I thought using the vanilla would be a sort of balance. Boy was I wrong.

5. Are you regretting it?

Yes...yes I am. The partial good news is that it looks "okay" on a CBBE body since that's what I use.

6. Why are some of these poses warping and folding.

a. Sadly I am a total noob at posing so I know that some could have been posed better if I was even slightly less of a noob at it.

b. I used the artistic license ideal of throwing away proper body physics out the window and compensate for warping and stretching by the fact some armors hide it. (I mean Hell I've seen some of the vanilla animations in Skyrim warp the Heck out of your character even with armor on and can only get away with it because animations go by fast and 2 you normally can only see your characters backside when doing these attacks.)

c. Skyrim vanilla skeleton sucks. I have the approving disdain of a professional 3d artist that the skeleton and meshes are about as flexible as a dried out twig. Something about outsourcing and not thinking about flexibility. *shrugs I mean seriously some of the dual blade poses you see will be unequal in position not just because I'm a total noob but because the "Shield bone" is very restrictive it always goes back to default no matter what I do ==' The shield bone is where the 2nd weapon is placed upon by the way. Let's just put it as that.

d. Technically some of the poses are posed to the limit (often beyond their limit) so other custom bodies and meshes may not mix well and become horribly disfigured =='

7. Some of these poses aren't even dramatic!

Sigh I know if I knew how I would make a ring and call it "Poses I just thought about on the fly" sadly I'm lucky I even made it to the point I can animate stuff in Skyrim and just put it on pinup poser =='

8. Will you add more poses?

Yes I am. My current targets are the Male poses and the Action poses.

9. I don't want to update my pinup poser but want to try out these poses. (Thanks by the way if you do ^^)

Well it's simple (yet quite a damn hassle) really.

Just rename my animation files for example

DPoser_38.hkx to Pinups_EX10.hkx and paste and replace the original Pinups_EX10.hkx found in Skyrim/Data/meshes/actors/character/animations/PinupsEX1 which is the PinupsEX1 pose ring by the way. So now when you choose the No. 10 in the EX1 ring it will do my pose instead. I recommend you just back up the original poses for safe keeping.


Ah permission notes...welp they're just poses so edit, refine or do away with them as you will. if you want you can credit me for forcing your hands to make poses yourself and make better ones ^^ No I'm not being sarcastic all I ever wanted were cool poses I could use for my screenshots. The more people who do them the better because that would mean I don't need to.


Credit goes to Halofarms for making Pinup Poser. Seriously credit him because I just realized somewhat (I'm sure only a little like .001%) how much of a pain it is to just make these poses work in-game and just making them work in general =='

I would like to thank to Derpy Derp...derp..derpity hooves for his advice, guidance and explaining the darkside of mods and 3d animation in general and shattering my ideals. Don't worry I didn't forsake the happy ones.

I would also like to credit the various artist I based my poses from. Sadly I don't know your names so yah...sorry if I pose them like your anime girls^^