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Ever felt like you never get critical hits? It's not just a feeling, you don't. Sure you can spend perks and get critical hits with swords, but thats just swords. Yeah you can get Critical Charge, but thats only while doing a sprinting power attack. Not exactly something you do all the time. What do you do all the time? Hit stuff. Wouldn't you like to get critical hits just by hitting stuff? Now you can!

While looking at my combat stats I noticed characters I had finished the main quest with had NEVER scored a critical hit. After some investigation I discovered that if you aren't sneaking or taking specific perks you seem to have no chance to score critical hits. This in my opinion is a bug.

Critical hits should be able to be dealt by any weapon in normal combat, I've made the following changes.

Critical Chance

Dagger - 10%

Bow - 5%

Sword - 5%

Waraxe - 5%

Mace - 5%

Greatsword - 5%

Battleaxe - 5%

Warhammer - 5%

Critical Damage

Dagger - 3x

Bow - 2x

Sword - 2x

Waraxe - 2x

Mace - 2x

Greatsword - 2x

Battleaxe - 2x

Warhammer - 2x

These changes carry over to any weapons from other mods (even battlestaff or other custom types) as long as they use the standard weapon keywords. (weaptypesword, weaptypemace)
The changes will not cause problems with the Bladesman and other perks that increase critical chance and damage.

I have provided 2 different methods of acquiring the perk. Choose ONLY ONE.

Method 1
The main file changes the perk dunMossMotherDagger which all players begin the game with.
This perk is used for the weapon Valdur's Lucky Dagger which has a 25% crit rate. Ive modified this perk to make the changes detailed above to other weapons while retaining the functionality of Valdur's dagger. If you choose this method you don't need to do anything in order for the changes to take effect.

Method 2
If you do not wish to have the Moss Mother perk changed the alternate version makes the changes through the use of the book "Critically Correcting Combat". It is sold at Belethors shop and the Riverwood Trader. Once you've read it you will then be able to deal critical attacks.

***************Version 1.1***************

Adjusted Dagger weapons from 20% to 10% critical chance
Adjusted Dagger weapons from 5x to 3x critical damage.

------------ Uninstallation ------------
Whichever method you choose all you need to do is delete the .esp and your game will return to normal. No scripts were used in this mod.

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