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An alternate start mod for those of us who are tired of the Helgen start.

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Hall of Beginnings - An Alternate Start

Ever wondered what happens to the souls of those who never make it to Sovngarde?
This mods suggests a system of reincarnation. Souls of the dead are sent to places
called "Halls of Beginnings" all over Tamriel. When you start a new game, you will
be among these souls waiting to start your life anew in Skyrim.

Once your are teleported to the hall, talk to the old sage at the desk.
He will tell you about your death and ask if you are ready to live a new
life. You will say yes (no is not an option here). You will then choose your
new form using the race menu.

After choosing your new form, you will be asked to choose a new life
for yourself. You have many different choices, for example dragonborn,
hunter, alchemist, mage, assassin, etc. After you make your choice,
you will receive a tome.

When you read your tome, you will be teleported to a place suitable to
your chosen profession. You will also receive a random weapon or staff,
random clothes / armor, and other random things depending on your chosen
profession. For example, if you choose alchemist, you will receive ingredients
and potions.

The game continues on normally until you die. When you die, you will be
given 3 choices.

A: Return to the Hall of Beginnings.
You return to the hall of beginnings and choose a new life.
You get two extra choices.
1. Retain all knowledge of your past life
all stats stay the same, and you keep all of your perks
2. Forget all knowledge of your past life:
all stats are reset, and you loose all of your perks
to reset your level back to 1, type the console command:
player.setlevel 1

*When you choose this option, it will take a while
for the next dialog to load because of the size of
the script. Please be patient and do not press cancel.
Unfortunately, you'll keep all the quests you were currently on unless I
find a workaround that doesn't mess up the game. If you pick dragonborn,
you will have the main quest in your journal no matter how many
lives you live.
The contents of your inventory (excluding quest items) are in a chest to the left
of the sage's desk. After you retrieve your stuff (or leave it), you will then
choose another tome and go about your way.

B: Roam this world as a ghost.
You are transformed into a ghost. The bright side is no one can
harm you and you get to keep all of your items.
If you don't want NPCs to see you, type the console code:

*If your are bored of being a ghost, you can be resurrected.
Speak to Joric at Morthal's Highmoon hall. He will direct you
to where you can go to return to land of the living.

C: Pray to the Divines for mercy.
Since I'm an optimist, there is a 7 out of 10 chance the Divines
will help you. If the divines help you, Your health will be restored
to the base stat (100), and you'll live to fight another day.
If the divines refuse to help you, you will be doomed to roam
Tamriel as a ghost. (see B)

This mod requires a copy of skyrim & the latest update.

Mod Conflicts:
* Other Alternate start mods
* Alternate Actors causes the after death portion of the mod not to work.
* Kuertee's Professions will not work with this mod unless you choose the Dragonborn tome.
* This mod is incompatible with Frostfall because of its sudden death feature. Thanks to Unsavory
for pointing this out. To fix this problem, follow these two steps:

Step 1:
Turn off lethal exposure under Survival Settings, Exposure.
If you use SkyUI, you can open the Mod Configuration Menu, and go to the Gameplay page, and uncheck "Exposure is Lethal".

Step 2:
Turn off Lethal frigid water under Survival Settings, Exposure, Water. If you use SkyUI, you can open the Mod Configuration Menu, and go to the Gameplay page, and uncheck "Frigid Water is Lethal".

Update - Hall of Beginnings 2.0!
* spruced up hall of beginnings
* random tome choice (excluding dragonborn and race specific tomes)
* New tomes
Forsworn (for breton characters) - suggested by LillithSuccubus
Thalmor (for altmer and bosmer characters) - suggested by LillithSuccubus
Pirate - suggested by LillithSuccubus
Khajiit Caravan - suggested by LillithSuccubus
Necromancer - suggested by Kinei
Stronghold member (for Orc characters) - suggested by Kinei
Vigilant of Stendarr - suggested by Kinei
Town Guard - suggested by Kinei
Noble (and owner of Proudspire manor) - suggested by magickman12
Treasure Hunter - suggested by Kinei
Scholar - suggested by Kinei
* Some Minor fixes

Future plans for this mod:
* better animations (the current ones are not good at all)
* voices for the sage, the priestess, and the souls waiting in the hall of beginnings
* I am open to any suggestions to make this a better mod

I hope you enjoy my mod. :)