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A powerful follower for difficult playthroughs.

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A powerful follower.

<< My first mod >>

Good for use with mods that add more difficult enemies.



[size=13]Details: [/size]
All this mod adds is a female character that spawns in Dragonsreach near where Lydia does. She is friendly and uses the voice acting from Lydia's character. She is your Housecarl and you have the option to have her follow you or not. She will go back to Dragonsreach, or your home, if you have one, when she leaves your service. You also have the option to marry her.

Update: Version 2.5

    -Fixed purple forehead issue.

Update: Version 2.0
<< I learned a lot more about character creation in the last few days... >>

    -Daedric Bow now enchanted with flames.
    -Daedric Swords now enchanted with fire and ice.
    -Follower now able to dual wield swords.
    -Added Daedric Shield. (Somehow it wasn't there before)
    -Added Amulet of Mara.
    -Added follower ability to shout. (Unrelenting force, Fire, Ice)
    -Added a bunch of perks.
    -Changed combat AI. (Now more likely to use swords than magica)
    -Follower is now a bit more powerful overall. (Now 130% your level. Used to be 120%)
    -Follower speed increased slightly. (105% your speed)

[size=13]Versions: [/size]

Apachii Sky Hair Version

    -Includes a really nice Apachii Sky Hair- hairstyle which looks the best.
    -Must have Apachii Sky Hair installed.

Vanilla Hair Version

    -Uses a Vanilla Skyrim hairstyle. Doesn't look as good.
    -Doesn't require any other mods to be installed.

[size=13]Requirements: [/size]

    -A legal copy of the game.

    -Must be running latest Skyrim Update.
    -If you are using the version of the mod that uses Apachii Sky Hair , obviously you need to have that installed.

[size=13]Compatability: [/size]

    -As far as I know, as long as you meet the mod requirements, there will be no issues.

[size=13]Recommendations: [/size]


    -This is my first mod so there may be issues.
    -If you encounter an issue, or have any suggestions, please contact me at [email protected]
    ~Thanks, if you like the mod, please endorse.