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Added: 09/02/2014 - 04:10AM
Updated: 09/03/2014 - 07:04PM

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Last updated at 19:04, 9 Mar 2014 Uploaded at 4:10, 9 Feb 2014

Added a version that combines my fixes with the "Unofficial Skyre Patch" The two were already compatible but this combines my fix into a single .esp. If you use this file you do not need any of my other files. Download this and say yes to replace the Skyre_main_fix.esp when asked to overwrite.


The bound longbow in Skyrim Redone was not labeled as a bound weapon and thus did not benefit from the mystic binding perk. Furthermore, the damage values of the shortbow were higher than the longbow even after applying the fix.

This mod simply labels the bound longbow as a bound weapon and makes the longbow slightly stronger than the bound shortbow. It also slightly increases the damage of the bound sword and battleaxe.

Version 1.1 also fixes bound daggers but requires dragonborn dlc. Bound daggers were also missing the keyword that labeled them as bound weapons and thus they didn't gain any benefits from mystic binding perk.

Before fix: (My stats: level 83, 80 conjuration)
bound longbow damage: 83ish
Bound shortbow: 133ish
bound sword: 78
bound battleaxe (never used it but all i did was increase damage by 5 for consistency)
bound dagger: 21

After fix:
bound longbow: 133
bound shortbow: 125
bound sword: 83
bound dagger: 57


Use NMM or Manually install
When asked to overwrite the file say yes.
Only use one of my files


Remove from data folder or uninstall using NMM


If you want to have this fix but don't want an additional esp then just use Tes5Edit to merge the changes into your original skyrim redone esp. Alternatively, download the Unofficial Skyre Patch merged esp.


T3nd0 Skyrim Redone
ExImIeR Unofficial Skyre Patch