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Added: 08/02/2014 - 04:57PM
Updated: 25/04/2015 - 08:30PM

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Last updated at 20:30, 25 Apr 2015 Uploaded at 16:57, 8 Feb 2014

I have decompiled default console.swf and replaced transparent background with solid black.
This means I changed color values for DefineShape3(1) - I have not touched anything else in the file.

I did this to fix text overlap issue I had with default console, which makes it hard to read.
Image below is a perfect example of this problem.

Color, size and percentage values

These are Skyrim.ini values that already exist in the game.
I have not added them, I just found them using saveini command and changed them to green.


These values are used for default green on my first image.
You can use any RGB value, but lowering them under 200 makes the text too dark.

Example image:

This mod is compatible with both SkyUI and console font replacers such as DejaVuSansMono.
It replaces console.swf which means it's not compatible with other mods that do the same.

:: update 25.04.2015 ::

- If you got these files from anywhere other than nexus, someone ripped you off.
- If someone uploads this to work shop in the future, I take no reponsibility whatsoever.
- If you want to donate, take it somewhere else. Like the red cross.
- If you want to use it in your FREE mod, just take it.

I will not accept donations or handouts for this hack or any other hack I've done in the past.
OT: I like trains, they always make a huge mess.