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Quest/Companion mod adding 2 unique voiced companions to the game

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Updated Trailer for the Alpha build of Discworld, 7/26/14

Ok screw it I'm so proud of this I'm posting it everywhere!
This is how we send you home in Discworld

Comic sans font oh noooooo
Also SUPER not lore friendly because our Dwemer did not eat his Wheaties and stunted his growth a hair, if you will have a conniption fit over a Dwemer that seems too small please pass this mod by for your own mental health

This series will probably end with part 2 although part 3 is actually storyboarded, The Discworld project even though it says DB3 on it will actually be a standalone and is occupying the majority of my waking time and we intend to stay devoted to it till it is finished. A alpha build with 6-10 hours of content will probably be ready in a month or two and a Limited Beta build for testing will probably be available with 20+ hours of content in a few months

Dragon break adds 2 unique voiced companions available after their introductory quest. Part 1 takes a little over a hour and part 2 the same.

To initiate the quest you only have to walk a bit outside the gates of Solitude
To initiate part 2 you only need to talk to Allune After part 1 is complete

This requires no prior quests so live another life players can enjoy although they will recognize you as the dragonborn

There is a bit heavy play on some sexual content but it is well within the PG-13 variety

Trailer for DB1


Playthrough video part 1 (Contains Spoilers)

Trailer for part 2

Install using NMM, or Extract the ESM 3 ESP's and 2 BSA's and one Video folder to your skyrim DATA folder

Known Minor issues
1: The girls have random funny issues with UFO and ATF, try not to use them on them directly. And at any point you can uninstall ATF or UFO and load and save then reinstall to fix some minor bugs. This seems to be a bigger issue in part 2 but it might be fixed now
2: They freeze up Viljas random banter when in use, This should be fixed, would love to know from anyone downloading
3: Inside the solitude INN the Argonian fence is sitting in a plant in a new location. Sorry, not really worht fixing as it doesn't bug anything out but have taken notes to rectify stuff like that in the future
4: In the solitude INN Allune can take a few seconds to initiate her scene

5: At any point if you walk somewhere and nothing happens, walk back to the door you came in from. All scenes are triggered from trigger boxes and they tend to be in front of doors and slower computers or people with extra companions can get pushed past the trigger before it has a chance to initiate.

6: A few of the zones in DB2 are kind of bleh and barren but that may remain so until such a time as Scanner can get a updated esp. My time is devoted to the Discworld project at the moment

7: In part 2 Lhor was supposed ot be a companion at the end and have Dialogue options but the VA has not sent any yet. If he does we will get them in but as of now everything quest related works perfectly

8: Some doors will hit you in the face, decided to never change this due to I find it funny when people complain.

Teaser/Trailer for Skyrim: Discworld

Kristyn Mass - Allune http://ohnobones.wix.com/kristynmassva#!gallery/c199t
Katelyn Hamilton - http://voiceactingalliance.com/board/member.php?8366-Katerinu
Tjalle "Kami" - Laskar ​ [email protected]
Michael Rogel - Note Delivery Man
Callum Janes - Man 1 http://www.youtube.com/user/profkranc
Steve Green - Soldin http://www.shriekstudio.com/
My Fail Ass - Man 2 (I gave up, mic sucks sue me)
Konner Ellefson - Akatosh http://www.youtube.com/user/RaindropsTheGamer
Ian Deppa - Dremora http://voiceactingalliance.com/board/member.php?39965-Dagamerian
Scannerlegend-Clutter and Life to zones -- http://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/users/1286376/?tb=mods&pUp=1

Kristyn Mass - Allune
Katelyn Hamilton - Dhalia
Jay appleyard - Lhor/Thollin http://appleyard-voiceovers.webeden.co.uk/
Kyle Johnson - Akatosh http://quixoticquotite.tumblr.com/voice-commissions

MarianHawk - Dungeon Design
Anuiel - Dwemer Beard