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Fix for Dragons Diversified soul absorb fail bug that happens alongside the Dragonborn dlc. Support for Dawnguard as well. And Run For Your Lives.

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Makes Dragons Diversified compatible with Dragonborn and fixes the soul absorb bug associated with it. Adds support for Dawnguard and carries through scripts added by it and merges leveled lists (legendary dragons!) Do not clean this patch, or you will break it.

The problem with Dragons Diversified is that it edits the Dragon template and replaces the vanilla dragonactorscript with LTDDragonActorScript, which isn't up to date for Dragonborn. This forces the mod to use dragonactorscript instead of LTDDragonActorScript.

Run For Your Lives Patch available as an optional file.

Recommended to use the Unofficial Dragonborn Patch alongside this patch if you aren't using it already.

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