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High-res replacement for the skyrim galaxy.

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-= IN SHORT, it's a high-resolution replacement for Skyrim's galaxy nebula. =-


14 January 2012: Completely new version of galaxy replacer: Inside the Nebula
(compatible with Bryce Nebula as of 5 March 2012)

8 January 2012: Peridot version.
7 January 2012: Heliotrope version.
6 January 2012: Fiery version.
1 January 2012: Initial relase - Cerulean.

Bryce Nebula is an original artwork of mine that I used to change Skyrim's galaxy. It enhances the rather dull and boring vanilla night sky, and can serve as an immersive way of explaining why nights in Skyrim are so bright!
The mod is a simple texture replacement with much higher resolution than original - 2048x1024 vs. vanilla's 512x256.

Because unmodded Skyrim makes the colors bland, I have to mention that the nebulae are designed for post-processing mods which increase saturation (such as ENBSeries* and FXAA Injector). However, they are NOT REQUIRED for this mod to work, and you may find them unnecessary.
* ENBSeries users should read my note in the readme file.

Use NMM, or
simply extract 'textures' folder in the archive to your Skyrim\Data folder.

Delete the following file:

Mods I use when designing my nebulae and which I recommend:
ENBSeries v0.102 and newer (plenty of predefined configs here on Nexus)
or URWL for Skyrim
Enhanced Night Skyrim (starfield)