Killers Realistic Skin SSS Patch for ENB by Killerkun
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Last updated at 20:24, 8 Feb 2014 Uploaded at 21:32, 6 Feb 2014


Have you noticed how awfully plastic skin looks in skyrim, even with the latest ENBs? Well, fret no more! Subsurface Scattering of light is a phenomenon that occurs when light enters your body and reflects back the color of your blood (have you ever pressed a strong lit flashlight at your hand, nose or boobs? go try it, you will see the SSS in action yourself) and gives off a distinctively red tint between the light and shadowed area in your skin. That very subtle effects is the difference between realistic looking skin and plastic looking skin because plastic does not allow as much light to scatter beneath its surface.


I have made the SSS settings work like they should in real life, you can take a good peek at how it would look in your game in this before/after proper SSS settings album I made: -Album NSFW-

For installation:
Option 1:
Just download the same ENB presets for the one you have already installed, and unzip the .rar contents straight into the same folder you have your skyrim installed (if you have project ENB with the realistic option installed, you will have to download the Project ENB patch and unzip only the inner realistic option folder into your skyrim folder), Windows will ask you if you want to replace the enbseries.ini file, just choose yes and you should be done! IF WINDOWS DOESN'T ASK YOU TO REPLACE THE ENBSERIES.INI FILE, YOU DID SOMETHING WRONG.

Just go to your skyrim installation folder and open enbseries.ini (you may want to back up the file first), look for the [SUBSURFACESCATTERING] tag and change the values to these:

Also make sure that under

It must be set to true, otherwise it won't work

Then save the file and you're done, this will work with any ENB preset you have installed, so don't worry about which one you have.

For uninstalling:
Just reinstall your original ENB preset, all changes done by this patch will be undone.

Please note:
This is not an ENB preset per se, it is just a patch for the main 3 ENBs, it won't work without either Realvision ENB, Sharpshooters ENB or Project ENB.

Please upload your own screenshots, that would be fantastic! :D

Permission notes:
If you are to use my Subsurface Scattering settings on your ENB preset, do credit me as the author of those particular settings.

Boris Vorontsov for the ENB stuff
Realvision ENB by Skyrim Tuner
Sharpshooters ENB by Sharpshooter8
Project ENB by Bronze316
Osare Culort Outfit by anano
Climates of Tamriel by jjc71
DIMONIZED UNP female body by dimon99