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A shop that sells "visual" armor - duplicates of regular armor - that can have their stats modified to match your strongest equipment.

Permissions and credits
The Transmogrification Shop is an attempt to bring a feature to Skyrim that is similar to "transmogrification" in World of Warcraft, and "appearance tabs" in other games. This is accomplished through a lore-friendly shop utilizing Dwemer technology, located outside Markarth, north of Salvius Farm.

Players that would prefer to hide their helmets can utilize "Unseen Circlets" sold by Varius Keelhaul.

WARNING: This mod is currently in BETA and will likely go through numerous updates.

  • Dialogue subtitles enabled. None of the NPCs are properly voiced.
  • Skyrim version
  • SKSE version 1.6.16
  • Transmogrification - Dawnguard requires Dawnguard
  • Transmogrification - Dragonborn requires Dragonborn
  • Transmogrification - Omegared99 requires Omegared99 Armor Compilation

How Does It Work?
1. Players will first need to purchase a "visual" duplicate piece of equipment from one of the four merchants: Varius Keelhaul for Skyrim/Dawnguard/Dragonborn armor, and the rest for custom mod armor.
1A. Purchasing visual duplicates requires having the original version of that item in your inventory, for balance purposes.
1B. Many items don't appear on the purchase list until the original version is in your inventory. This is to keep the list short and easy to navigate.

2. Equip the left "Copy" mannequin with the armor whose stats you desire.
3. Equip the right "Paste" mannequin with the visual duplicate armor.
4. Press the button in the middle.
5. Retrieve your newly modified armor from the "Paste" mannequin.

Example: If you placed Dragonscale Armor on the Copy mannequin, and [Leather] Leather Armor (the transmog duplicate) on the Paste mannequin, the result would be [Leather] Dragonscale Armor, having both Leather appearance and Dragonscale stats.

  • Armor Types: Equipment must be of the same type for transmogrification to work. Light armor only works with Light armor, and Heavy armor only works with Heavy armor.
  • Weapons: Not currently implemented. Hope to include in the next major update.
  • Clothing: Not currently implemented. No real plans to include at the moment since clothing offers little outside of Enchantments, many of which won't transfer to transmog equipment.
  • Tempering: Transmogrification does not transfer armor tempering. However, all transmogrification armor can be tempered separately.
  • Player Enchantments: These don't transfer during transmogrification due to coding limitations. As far as I can tell, they are simply not accessible with current code.
  • Unique Enchantments: Any armor that cannot be disenchanted cannot have their enchantments transferred during transmogrification. This is for balance reasons, since allowing them to transfer means players could disenchant them on the modified transmogrification armor, learning the effect.

Custom Armor
Transmogrifying FROM custom armor should work fine, but purchasing transmog versions of custom armor will require an additional Transmogrification patch to support it. I plan on creating a few such patches for download from this page.

The Transmogrification.esm mod is arranged in a way that allows modders to create their own patches for implementing transmog-enabled versions of custom armor. I hope to have a "How To" guide posted on the forums at some point, which I will link to from here.

Known Issues
  • Transmogrification alters "base" items...which means if you purchase two transmog versions of Elven Armor and attempt to alter their stats separately, BOTH of their stats will change each time. This is unavoidable. It's also why you're required to use duplicate transmog-enabled versions of armor - modifying transmog armor will not affect armor anywhere else in the game.
  • The Transmogrification Shop is sparsely decorated at the moment, and the NPCs do not currently lock the doors. The shop will be properly cluttered before Beta ends.

The Problem with Enchantments
There are two goals I wanted to maintain with this mod, in regard to enchantments:
  • Players can apply personal enchantments to any transmog armor they wished.
  • Players cannot use transmogrification to disenchant and learn enchantments that normally cannot be disenchanted.

Unfortunately, the game uses only one setting for allowing personal enchants and preventing disenchanting: a keyword called MagicDisallowEnchant. If I want to accomplish the first goal, none of the transmog armor can have that keyword. If I want to accomplish the second goal, all of the transmog armor must have that keyword. The compromise was writing the script in a way that prevents Enchantments from copying over from armor tagged with the MagicDisallowEnchant keyword...which includes everything from Dragon Priest masks to standard Thieves Guild armor.

For what it's worth, I'm not completely sold on this solution, and will keep an eye out for alternatives that still maintain the two goals.