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Overhauls the looting system in Skyrim. High level items can no longer be found randomly, and instead hand placed all over Skyrim. Crafting will have requirements varying depending on race and skill. Also adds unique artifacts from past Elder Scrolls games.

Permissions and credits
+ A series of books titled "A Wanderer's Monograph" will contain hints regarding the location of rare items.
+ Starting 4.2 semi-unique items will be added as well
+ Items now are also placed around Solstheim
+ Now supports Dragonborn and Dawnguard DLCs
+ Heavy Armory patch added
+ Lore Weapon Expansion patch added

**Read the Changelog**

Morrowloot was one of my favorite mods and I liked what it does, but I disagree what it did with some stuff regarding crafting. Another version exists that allows you options to turn off some of Morrowloot's features, however since the release of the latest version of Morrowloot, that mod hasn't been updated for a long time. So I decided to modify Morrowloot to fit in better with the game's lore, based on information regarding crafting from books in the game and from a gameplay perspective.

Many thanks for the video Brodual.

There's more after the description from the original mod.


I can't be the only one who loathes Oblivion and Skyrim's levelled loot system in its entirety. What's the point of exploring when every single dungeon has randomly generated loot based off your level? And, after waiting to see if anyone shared my sentiments about this and fixed it, and seeing nothing, I decided to make my own.
Now, there are a few mods that de-level Skyrim's loot system. Mine's a bit different.
It says "Loot system, nobody likes you" and gets rid of it almost entirely.
Instead, it takes a Morrowind approach, and puts those armors and weapons out in the world. Now the player may actively explore places to discover objects, as they'll be hidden in dungeons (and logically hidden, so no more orc weapons in dwemer ruins), worn by people, and similar. It also tweaks a few things to encourage this aforementioned exploration.

+ Completely removes higher level (dwemer+) objects from levelled loot lists, though things like potions and scrolls can still be found.
+ Adds these back in as static objects hidden around the world, and in logical places for example:
- Dwemer equipment is only found in dwemer ruins and containers,; or by a select few who can afford it.
- Orcish equipment is carried by, get this, orcs.
- Elven equipment can be found in various places, though most are carried by Thalmor.
- Glass equipment is given out to a few Morrowinders who managed to save some, as well as high ranking personnel in various factions.
- Only a few sets of Ebony armor and equipment even exist, worn by nobles and the rich.
- And finally, only a single normal set of daedric armor exists, much like Morrowind, but spread out and is a serious pain to find. You'll have to earn it.
+ Higher level equipment may no longer be crafted! Suck it up, it's weird that the Dragonborn suddenly gains magical star knowledge to craft insane soul-wrenching deatharmor anyways, and objects may still be improved at a forge.
+ Higher level robes are removed, readded to the world as static objects
+ While the majority of higher level generic random magical items (such as an Ebony Bow of Bolts) are gone, a few pieces will still exist, renamed and put in other areas. The rest you'll have to enchant yourself.

Adds in artifacts from past games, such as:
- Skullcrusher
- Daedric Crescent
- Lord's Mail
- Scourge
- King Orgnum's Coffer
- Fang of Haynekhtnamet
- Fists of Randagulf
- Dragonbone Cuirass
- Boots of Blinding Speed
- Vampiric Ring
- Eidolon's Ward
- Stendarr's Hammer
- Cyrus' Saber
- Chrysamere
- Hopesfire
- Wraithguard
- Sunder
- Seht's Legs
- Threads of the Webspinner
- Ice Blade of the Monarch
- Goldbrand

As you might expect, this mod modifies a TON of stuff. The vast majority of interior cells have objects added to them, as do some exterior cells, though so far I've found no real conflicts with the host of mods I've been using. Some NPCs are also modified, though so far I've encountered no errors.
This mod does NOT completely remove level scaling. It modifies it to be closer to Morrowind's style. Therefore you will find higher level potions and jewelry at higher levels, but equipment must be located on your own. Enemies (creatures and most bandits and similar) DO NOT have their stats changed. This mod doesn't touch them. If you want non-scaled enemies, I recommend getting another mod in addition to this.
This mod also modifies leveled item lists, so anything that modifies them will either be incompatible or will need to be merged via Wyre Bash. If you do not merge things, you will find higher tier loot either appearing where it shouldn't, or your new, modded items not appearing at all! So merge. Seriously. Merge.
This mod modifies smithing recipes, getting rid of Daedric, orcish, glass, elven, AND dwemer recipes. Mods that modify those recipes will be incompatible, though mods that modify any other recipes, or add new ones, are fine. No I will not add these recipes back in, stop asking, no I will not add a quest, those recipes are gone, understand? Good.
Things added by mods, expansions, can all be crafted. You can make the arrows in Dawnguard, Dragonborn, anything from any mod, etc.
You just cannot make vanilla daedric, dwemer, glass, orcish, and elvish equipment. You can still however, improve it.
Not every dungeon has hand-placed loot in it, and even those that DO have handplaced loot do not neccesarily have good loot. Much like Morrowind, you're going to have to explore to find the good stuff.
Finally, stuff is HIDDEN. Some equipment is out in the open, but I've placed stuff in nooks and crannies. You will have to search to find the better stuff.

If you are using Complete Crafting Overhaul by kryptopyr, make sure that Morrowloot loads after CCO.



1) Elven, Glass, Ebony, and Orcish equipment recipes are craftable again, however there will be a race and smithing skill requirements for them:
-- Altmers can craft Elven and Glass equipment as soon as they obtain the appropriate smithing perk.
-- Orcs can craft Orcish equipment as soon as they obtain the appropriate smithing perk.
-- Nords can craft Nordic equipment as soon as they obtain the appropriate smithing perk.
-- Dunmers can craft Bonemold and Chitin equipment as soon as they obtain the appropriate smithing perk.
-- Any other race will need more levels in smithing in order to craft those equipment. To be exact, you will need an extra 20 points in your Smithing skill level to be able to craft them.
-- Ebony can be crafted by anyone, but has to be done on the Skyforge. Lore-wise you need the best forges in order to craft ebony. The Skyforge is one of them.

2) Dwarven equipment is craftable, but will require the Ancient Knowledge perk you get from one of the quests in the game.

3) Adds more hand placed items to various locations in the world to compensate the removal of things from leveled loot.

4) Higher level items are still purchasable from the Dremora merchant.

-- Dawnguard and Dragonborn DLC are required --
Install using your preferred mod manager or just extract everything into the Data folder manually. This is a standalone version. No need for the original Morrowloot and only requires the latest version of Skyrim. You can also overwrite the original Morrowloot with this one. Make sure you create/rebuild your bashed patch if you have mods that affect leveled lists.

Remove all files to uninstall this mod. To be safe, remove all Morrowloot items (artifacts) before uninstallation.

Generally, you should place Morrowloot further down the load order. If you have equipment mods or mods that change crafting, place them before Morrowloot.esp and its patches. Like this:

-- Equipment and Crafting mods
-- Morrowloot.esp
-- Morrowloot Patches

Some people tend to misread the description, so to make this clear, Morrowloot only affects vanilla equipment. Any other mod added items can be crafted normally no matter what category they're in. Yes, this means that weapons and armor mods will have to make patches so that it'll work with any version of Morrowloot's features. This version already includes the Skullcrusher mesh fix.

Also, the mod's title is read, "Morrowloot Fourth Era Edition"

Scarcity by Syclonix
Makes various leveled loot rare, even mod added items in Skyrim. Making finding loot a lot more rewarding and partially fixes how very easy it is for the player to gain money from selling easily found loot. Affects all loot from containers and merchants. Compliments Morrowloot nicely.

Alternative Crafting System by BralorMarr
Allows you to order items to be made by blacksmiths in the game. What items they can craft is dependent on their smithing skill, which ties into Morrowloot 4E's crafting requirements well.

-- New artifacts from past games (technically old)
-- More hand-placed items
-- Patches for equipment mods

Full credit goes to Trainwiz, the original creator of Morrowloot.

Special Thanks to:
-Oriphier (Hakhnawibblewobble's Fang and Skullcrusher)
-Telthalion (Fists of Randagulf)
-TheMalfazar (Eledion's Ward and Auri-El's Shield)
-Ronniemagnum for his Eledion and Scourges
-Reaper for the Vampiric Ring
-Earrindo (Sunder)
-Insanity Sorrow and StarX (Hopesfire, Goldbrand, Ice Blade of the Monarch)
-Jured (Stendarr's Hammer)
-ArmoredThirteen (Daedric Crescent)
-Grimeleven for his animated effects overhaul,
-urbanshiv92 for Wraithguard
-Haishao for converting Stendarr's Hammer, Sunder and Wraithguard.
For allowing to use their models and textures for this mod.