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Added: 04/02/2014 - 07:34AM
Updated: 15/02/2014 - 04:43AM

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Last updated at 4:43, 15 Feb 2014 Uploaded at 7:34, 4 Feb 2014

Keep in mind that this is my first mod. All suggestions are welcome, and I plan on expanding the list of changes at some point.

**NEW VERSION: 1.1 --- Updates Below**

Changes to Perks:

-Master of the Mind: now requires an Illusion skill of 80 instead of 90
(Draugr are so common, shouldn't have to wait that long to affect them)

-Mage Armor: now strengthens Flesh spells by 2x/3x/4x instead of 2x/2.5x/3x
(These became rather weak at higher levels, and Dragonhide is tough to cast when surprise sabrecat happens)

Changes to Spells:

-Dead Thrall: now works on bodies up to level 99 instead of the standard 40
(No more shall you feel disappoint)

-Fire/Frost/Shock Rune: now the base cost for each is 30% lower than before
(They felt far too weak for their cost, even with their fun uses)

-(UPDATE) Vampiric Drain: now absorbs 5/10/15/20 hp each stage, and costs 15% less magicka, also benefits from novice destruction perk
(Somewhat overpowered in early levels, but now usable in higher ones)

Changes to Items:

-Diadem of the Savant: now grants the wearer a 10% cost reduction to all schools instead of 5%
(Was a bit too weak for a quest prize)

-Saarthal Amulet: now grants the wearer a 5% cost reduction to all schools instead of 3%
(I like multiples of 5, and now it's a bit more usable)

-Staff of Magnus: now only absorbs 50 magicka/sec instead of the dual magicka/health absorb effect, and the enchantment cost is kept the same
(I found that the absorb health almost never worked, and since it is more of a tool than a weapon, I thought I would make it better suited to aid the wielder)

Changes to Gameplay:

-Dual Casting: now spells cost 2.3x instead of 2.8x, and have an effectiveness of 2.5x instead of 2.2x (It sucked before, so this is my attempt at making it better but not too powerful)

-(UPDATE) Nine Divine Blessings: now last 24 hours instead of 8
(These were simply too short, especially since many altars were kind of far from action)