Bleeding Bloodskal Blade by falloutpc
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This is my rendition of the bloodskal blade based on it's name and appearance. The bleeding damage has a stacking effect that does 6 damage every second for 5 seconds. The enchantment can be removed and placed on different weapons.The Potions of Blood can be found in Castle Volkihar. Requires dawnguard and dragonborn dlc.

Note: Install only after finishing the Bloodskal Barrow Final Descent quest.

Vanilla Stats

Base Damage: 21
Releases energy blast that deals 30 damage.

Weapon Material: Silver
Tempering Material: Silver Ingot

New Stats

Base Damage: 22
Deals 30 Bleeding damage over 5 seconds.

Weapon Material: Daedric
Tempering Material: Potion of Blood