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This makes hunting Bigger Creatures in Skyrim more worthwhile and challenging..

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This makes hunting Bigger and more challenging creatures in Skyrim more worthwhile..

DEER TWEAKS by B1trider
for Skyrim
Dragon Bones 16000 gold

giants toes 1000 gold

Elves Ear 200 gold

Falmer Ear 100 gold

antlers large 500 gold

antlers small 50 gold

Bear Claws 300 gold

sabrecat tooth 50 gold

Ice Wraith teeth 200 gold

Vampire Dust 400 gold

moonsuger 2000 gold

pearl small 350 gold

pearl 1500 gold

ectoplasm 300 gold

troll fat 100 gold

troll skull 350 gold

deer pelt 150 gold

WolfPelt 50 gold

SabreCatPelt 500 gold

bear pelt 600 gold

deer pelt 200 gold

Ice Wolf Pelt 80 gold

Fox Pelt 250 gold

Fox Pelt Snow 300 gold