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Added: 03/02/2014 - 06:54AM
Updated: 06/02/2014 - 05:06AM

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Last updated at 5:06, 6 Feb 2014 Uploaded at 6:54, 3 Feb 2014

First mod ever! Fun to make, albeit subtle... >.>

Just a quick overview for everyone for now: Mod simply textures the LIGHT grey HEAVY armor chest piece to match the pauldrons and full helm and adds a little more reflection on each metal plate. All buckles have been also toned down to this same darker texture. Included on Dawnguard boot's and glove's buckles. (It should be noted I also rimmed the forearm guards with the same metal to give it a more reinforced look)

Edit: I should note that the reflective levels on the metal plates effect ALL Dawnguard faction armor, not just the heavy grey set.

Installation: pretty simple here, just drop off the texture folder into your skyrim Data folder and should be good to go. Have any problems let me know ill try to help you with my noob knowledge!

Hope you enjoy this as much as I enjoyed making it! texturing is fun P:

April 10 Just like to point out I'm not gone, currently in the process of learning how to edit meshes to create some new styles of Dawnguard armor with their own unique buffs, I'm also attempting to design some new weapons for the Dawnguard that feel like they would actually be able to kill a vampire. Finding the right blend of fantasy and practicability has been an interesting and fun challenge! As always comments, suggestions and criticism are all welcome! have a good day and I hope to have an update for you guys sooner rather than later!

Feb. 5 Released bump-mapping and new reflection levels for the chainmail and plates in standalone download, the download is a bit bigger but I would recommend this new optional download over my original release. (In my most humble of opinions) Hope everyone enjoyed their day!

Feb. 4: Decided to go ahead and release the chain undercoat(HD only), ill be fine-tuning it for version 1.1 which hopefully will include different reflection levels for heavy and light armor. I really want to change the feel between heavy and light armor for the Dawnguard, something that explains why the heavy version weighs 42 pounds while the light version weighs 6... I highly doubt that each pauldron weighs 18 pounds!

The idea I'm running with is changing all light armor plates to be leather, not mess with the reflection rates. While with heavy armor I'm going to be changing the reflections rates to accommodate the Metal knee pads, new chain undercoat, new gauntlets, and adding SOME chainmail to the upper arm.

Any suggestions or comments are always appreciated! Thanks for checking out the mod and hope you ladies and gentlemen are having a fantastic day!

PS: Feel free to reuse this however you like, just make sure to let people know I did something too!