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This mod allows you to dynamically change the default outfit of any follower to any custom outfit of your choosing, through dialogue options.

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Version 3.0 is up! It's (another) overhaul of the mod. Now it's even easier to use as everything can be done through dialogue. There's no more need to travel to Breezehome to do anything.


By default, followers have a predefined armor that they wear if they think it's better than what you've given them, or when you send them back home. This mod allows you to pick a new default outfit for each follower through dialogue options, which gives you more control over what they choose to wear.

This mod has no requirements, and should be compatible with any other mod that changes existing followers since I'm not touching them directly. It should also be compatible with mods that add their own followers.


This mod allows you to:
  • Set up 5 custom outfit slots, and assign them to your followers individually
  • Ask your follower to use a vanilla outfit, like sets of clothes, leather, iron or steel armors.
  • Ask your follower to not use any clothes. (note that they will eventually use armor if you leave some in their inventory)


Any follower should now have a new dialogue branch to select a new outfit. Everything is done in there. If you select a custom outfit, the inventory window will open so you can put your items there. You can reuse that same outfit on multiple followers.

The different slots are just there to provide you with different options that you can swap to on the fly.


Note that they have to be following you at the time. They won't show the option if they're available to follow you, but aren't doing so at the moment.

Also, note that if they're wearing armor that you've given them, and you select the option for them to pick a new outfit, any items they're actively wearing WILL BE LOST. Make sure they're not wearing anything valuable.


Simply install with NMM.

Otherwise, download the file, decompress it (with for example), copy the resulting files to your Skyrim's Data folder, and then activate the plug-in in Skyrim's launcher.

Either way, the following two files must be in the Data folder:

Version History

- New mechanic for everything to be done through dialogues. The chests used in the previous versions are now gone from Breezehome.

- Added a message that shows up if you select an outfit that has no clothing or armor items in it, to provide instructions in-game.

- Fixed a scripting bug that messed with controls after taking items out of the chests

- All hard-coded outfits were erased
- New mechanic to allow the players to make their own outfits

- Added many more options to the outfit selection

- Initial release