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Kursan proudly presents: an Island Hobbit Home


Attention all: This mod is no longer supported!  
Please use the link provided here for the updated version. It contains everything you love about this house mod and more!  The updated version addresses many issues some had with this version.    
Thank you for your support and I hope you keep enjoying this home.
Island Hobbi
t Home Revisited

Foreword and dedication:
This is obviously not the first Hobbit house for Skyrim but is a completely original idea in concept and design. I hope it will add variety to the already existing Hobbit Homes and another choice for players that love these dwellings.
I like to dedicate this mod to Darkelf the creator of the original and first Hobbit Home for Morrowind called "I wished I had a Hobbit Hole". I have wanted to make my own ever since I saw his nice home in Morrowind; unfortunately he has left the modding community around the time the Nerrevarine left for Akaviir...

A big thank you to Hodilton and NOZ187 for making these really nice videos, have a look!

See Changelog for list of changes.
This cleaned up version would not have been possible without the work by RefurbMadness who graceously offered to help in this project, we all owe a big thank you!

Because: Hobbit doors only come with Dragonborn, and some home features only come with Hearthfire, sorry.

Along the back-road to Riften east of Heartwood Mill and west of Golden Glow Estate there lies a small Island in beautiful lake Honrich. A cozy Hobbit Home can be found there built into the hill on the small Island. A wooden bridge connects to it not far off the main road and inside you will find a cozy hobbit style home with wood paneled curved walls and tunnels.

The house is not too large and not too small and well suited to relax from adventuring. There are plenty of weapon racks, mannequins, bookshelves and storage to collect and display your stuff.
It features a lobby and living room where most of the weapon displays and the library are, from there round wood paneled tunnels connect to a bedroom, a bath, a kitchen dining room with attached pantry and also a companion room.

The home has three fireplaces total, a baking oven and a large cooking spit in the kitchen and some labeled storage. Alchemy station is in the pantry off the kitchen with its own storage, an Enchanter station is in the bathroom also with designated storage. Various shrines are placed throughout the house and naturally plenty of safe storage in all rooms.
The bath has a large tub to sit in and is also deep enough to tread water; a sauna and shower are part of the bath and it has many indoor plants. The bath and sauna are functional with Frostfall in mind and will warm you up after a dip in the cold lake.
The home has detailed decoration throughout and I think the screenshots speak for themselves.
Window light responds to the time of day.
The home has a map marker so you can fast travel to it.
The inside is fully Navmeshed and companion friendly.

On the exterior there are many wild flowers by the entrances and a couple of beehives. Out the back entrance you will find a spacious vegetable garden and mushrooms can be found all around the hill. All possible crafting stations are under a shed out back and a smelter is off on one end of the Island by some ore veins. There is a short dock to enjoy the sunset from and catch some fish; (I stocked the lake with a few re-spawning salmon) a cow and chickens are also out back .
Last but not least you will find a horse waiting for you out back; it is a Palomino and if you want it to look white as in the screenshots you need to get the horse textures for it by Shogun3d see link below.

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Q & A :

Q: Can you make a vanilla version?
A: No sorry, as mentioned at a minimum Dragonborn is required for the Hobbit style doors.

Q: Can I upload my own version?
NO ABSOLUTLY NOT! You can change what you like in your own game and keep it that way.

Q: Can I include your mod in my own mod idea?
A: Maybe; PM me with what you have in mind.

Q: Where is Sting and other LOTR memorabilia?
A: I tried to include Sting originally, but could not reach the author for permission. You need to get it and other LOTR stuff from their own source. (See my recommended mods section)

Q: I need more room to display my stuff, can you expand this home with more racks mannequins etc?
A: No sorry, this particular Hobbit Hole will stay the size it is. A proper adventurer has more than one home anyway :)
(There is now a "collectors version that does have more racks and mannequins)

Q: Will this home ever support adopting children?
A: Probably not likely to happen; if you know how to do that and like to add that support as a patch let me know.

Q: Do you plan to make other Hobbit Homes?
A: YES! Since Hobbit features already require Dragonborn and Player homes are few on Solstheim I have already plans to create a Hobbit Home there. The interior will be based on this one because creating it was a huge amount of work. It won't be a carbon copy of course, but will have a different layout. (See link in my other mods section!) 

Creating the Island:
The Island already existed, but it was surrounded by an apparently dried up side arm of the lake; all I did was to lower the sandbanks blocking the lake from spilling around the Island so to speak. This dry arm of the lake extended under the stone bridge on which the main road crosses and so it now has water under it also. The land dropped off precipitously behind the bridge and to continue the water level would have filled more valley than was necessary; I therefore inserted a cliff which created a natural dam. It changes the landscape quite a bit, but I think it turned out in a pleasing way.
What I like about this location:
It is close to a major town, Riften. You have neighbors to trade and interact with, Heartwood Mill, Snow-shod Farm and Orc camp Largashbur are all close by but not so close to disturb your solitude should you want that. There is the lake of course, the vistas are gorgeous and the weather is more agreeable than most places in Skyrim. I think the home is best enjoyed along with realism mods

Installation: Use the green Download with Manager button (recommended) or download manually. You can still use NMM to import the downloaded file and activate it via NMM, or just drop the esp file into your Skyrim Data folder and make sure it is activated in the load order menu.
Uninstalling: Remove the esp file via the NMM (deactivate then remove) or manually simply remove it from your Data folder. Make a clean save before you continue to play.

Any mod that alters the same location obviously, including the area around the bridge on the main road as that is under water now. No other conflicts that I am aware of yet.

Credits etc:
A huge thank you to "BestInSlot" for his fabulous CK tutorial series.
A big thanks as usual to Eldiabs for his great pre-made weapon racks resource.
Thanks to Bethesda for making Telvanni doors look like Hobbit doors!
I wish to thank Lupus78 for giving permission to use his undress script for the hot tub, and in turn
credit also Ja-Kha'jay the original creator of the script.
This mod was cleaned with TES5Edit, but you are using it in your game at your own risk.
Remember to always make a save before trying a new mod, and that any mod can cause havoc in your load order or save. Test before play!


Jaxonz Positioner:
For those pesky items that won't stay on the table and more! A must have!

Isilmeriel LOTR Weapons:

Enhanced Horse Skins: Turns the Palomino in to a beautiful white horse.

Tamriel Reloaded Trees: Fantastic tree revamp by 32cm see screenshots of area around Hobbit Home

Tamriel Reloaded Flora: Same reason as the Trees simply beautiful!

Tamriel Reloaded Rocks and Mountains: Highly recommended, adds wonderful variety to all rocks and Mountain textures!