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In short this mod does something really simple, but in doing so it dramatically changes how you think of staves in Skyrim.

what it does: This mod triples the number of uses for every staff in Skyrim.

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In short this mod does something really simple, but in doing so it dramatically changes how you think of staves in Skyrim for the better. ( This is NOT a cheat mod, it does NOT make the game any "easier" )

what it does: This mod increases the number of uses of every staff in skyrim, in a fair and balanced manner, Thus making staves in skyrim much more practical and viable weapons.
Detailed description: What this accomplishes in game, and what it means for your typical combat scenario.
In stock Skyrim staves are weak the good ones do decent damage however they run out of uses after killing just a few enemies, in the past you would have to stop all combat and recharge your staff with a soul gem, this is annoying and immersion breaking. Plus in stock Skyrim its not rare for a common or sometimes even a lessor soul gem to provide more "enchant" than what the staff actually holds, this is inefficient.

And that's where this mod makes a difference, by increasing the "enchant" a staff holds you increase the total number of possible uses, so you can last longer in every combat scenario. To completely fill a staff you would now require more soul gem "enchant" (because it holds more); but you wont have to recharge as often.

for instance
( made up examples )

A staff has 1000 "enchant"
its ability uses 100 "enchant"
total number of uses = 10
lesser soul is worth 750 "enchant" so it takes 2 lesser souls to fill 100%

With this mod

The staff now has 3000 "enchant"
its ability still uses 100 "enchant"
total number of uses is now 30
lesser soul is still worth 750 "enchant" so it takes 4 lesser souls to fill 100% (in this case you can now more efficiently use soul gems )

Why I made this mod.

In TES 4 Oblivion, any proper mage would use a powerful staff as his/her main weapon, while using spells on the side.

but in skyrim it always seems like staffs are simply tools you only use for 1 boss and then put away (If it even last long enough to do any amount of damage to a boss.)
If you dare use a staff in Skyrim for most combat instances you are forced to recharge the staff during combat ( sometimes after killing just 3 enemies! ) This combat mechanic is simply faulty, and unnecessary.

In Oblivion a Mage would charge his/her staff and it would last for the duration of a short adventure or most the way through. This is what I wanted to introduce to Skyrim.
Quote from a user "Brilliant idea! This is my kind of mod. Just a little tweak to how the staves are charged. Makes using them more practical in a battle, a thus makes the weapon more practical. No lore breaking whatsoever. This is the kind of mod that turns up in GEMS. "


recommended, Install this mod via NMM

Manual, simply place the ESP file from this mod into your Skyrim data folder and activate the ESP.

Recommended, deactivate this mod from your NMM

Manual, deactivate the ESP.


due to the simplicity of this mod, it won't conflict with anything unless it modifies the number of uses staves receive.

(load order is not important)


again due to the simple nature of this mod, it is totally safe and easy to uninstall if you wish to do so.


Bethesda for making TES series
The Nexus for this amazing mod website
Special thanks to Kekor