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Jenya is a Breton with delicate features and pale skin that resambles her snow elves ancestors. Skilled with magic and dark arts, her beauty is a hideous facade of the deadly powers within her.

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Jenya - The Dark Brotherhood Necromancer.

Jenya is a Breton with delicate features and pale skin that resambles her snow elves ancestors. Skilled with magic and dark arts, her beauty is a facade of the deadly powers within her.

- Jenya uses custom body mesh and skeleton to support pregnancy and body jiggles, so please report back any problems you may find with this features or any other related to this mod in the support forum.

- Dawnstar, Windpeak Inn.

  • Standalone.
  • Custom Combat AI scripts.
  • Unique enchanted TPSB Blue Dark Brotherhood Shrouded Armor.
  • Custom CBBE mesh with Tender Pregnancy Scaling Body.
  • Full TBBP/BBP, HDT and pregnancy support.
  • Necromancer combat, no weapons requiered.
  • Summoning and resurrection perks and spells
  • Healing, Bound Sword, Magic Wards, Dread Zombies and more.
  • Light armor perks.
  • Inspired by the erotic model Eugenia Diordiychuk aka Jenya D.

- Unpack the content of the "Jenya - Dark Brotherhood Necromancer" file in your skyrim Data folder or with a mod manager.- If you experience CTDs when you enter Windpeak Inn try installing the "Jenya - No TBBP Patch" to change her body and armor to standard CBBE, copy the content to your Skyrim data directory or with a mod manager, say "No" when asked to update the mod and then overwrite files when asked.

Jenya - I'll Fight For You.

Background story:
"I'm just a little girl! The Dark Brotherhood killed my mama and papa, and then they took me captive! Please, please help me! Rather convincing, don't you think? In truth, I'm no more a little girl than you are. I was once, of course. Three hundred years ago. Vampirism tends to keep one remarkably... fresh."-- Babette

Babette's words are nothing but a mocking joke on Jenya, over jealousy, babette is condemned to be a child forever while she sees Jenya grow up to become a beautiful woman, something she will never be. Jenya does not like Babette herself, the child vampiress was the one that took her to the Brotherhood and forced her to stay. Years went by and the young Jenya became just another member of the guild, working along the other members fulfilling contracts for the Night Mother.
But there is something Jenya dont know about Babette, they are in fact relatives.
Babette keept an eye on her mortal relatives since the Oblivion Crisis 300 years ago and ever since then she has tracked and guarded her bloodline from the shadows. Jenya is the last known decendent of Babette's mortal family after the Great War, but only Babette knows this.
Jenya believes that her mother was killed by the Broterhood, but the truth is that she is the only daughter of Delphine, the head of the remaining Blades in Skyrim. Babette took Jenya as a child before one of the assassination attempts of the Thalmor against Delphine in Cyrodiil.
Being assassinations their bussiness, the Dark Brotherhood got to know about this contract, hearing of the death sentence on the last survivor of her mortal family Babette went looking for Delphine, finding her sleeping in her hideout, with Jenya sleeping by her side, her vampiric skills allowed her to take Jenya and leave a note without alerting the mother, "Leave Cyrodiil or you will get your child's head in a bag".
After much searchig for her child, heart broken and with the Thalmor looking for her, Delphine moved to Skyrim hopping for some day find her daughter again.
Jenya was left in care of the Dark Brotherhood of Cyrodiil in the Cheydinhal Sanctuary, her cries as a child are the tool Babette uses to this day to bother her,"I'm just a little girl! She killed my mama, and then she took me captive! Please, please help me!".
After the purification of the Cyrodiil Dark Brotherhood she wondered alone for a while, mercilessly killing those fools that would aproach her with duvious intentions.
Lost in her thoughts she wondered the streets until she realiced what she is now, an assassin. Accepting her fate and hearing of Cicero and the Night Mother moving to Skyrim she followed their path and came to join the Dark Brotherhood in Dawnstar Sanctuary... finding Babette there.

To be continued....

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Known issues:

  • This mod may change the language of the name of the inn she is at.
  • Her right eye may have some weird shine from some angles.
  • If there are weapons in her inventory she may not use all her magic skills.