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this is my first mod, but it has been tesedited by a freind and should be in order.

you do need all 3 dlc's to use the house because it does incorperate features from all of them.
the only thing i never got around to doing is i have not navmeshed it yet, but i will try to go back and go back and do it later on or if this house is popular i will try to do it soon.

location, it is on the top left of the map along the river that goes between Morthal and Solitude

alos i know my pictures on here are not the greatest , but the video showing it off is a bit better, and now form a kind person who downloaded the mod there are some user screenshots that are better to look at mine, so make sure to check those out instead

has all vanilla crafting stations other than a smelter
has staff enchanter and spider creation station from dragonborn
small hearthfire garden in the workstation area of the house
tons of custom storage
and your horse will spawn near the stable when you fast travel
all item are static so can't be looted and moved accidently

any feedback is appreciated this is my first mod. it took a long time, but i am happy with how it turned. at the moment i just don't have the patience to navmesh

it is a big cell and low end computer might have performance issues, but i did optimize the best i could . there are 5 seperate portals to just load the room you are in withour loading the rest of the house at once. alos if it is little dark or bright i made this with enb's in mind

resourse packages by
and the resource modder pack

and my friend elianora who helped a lot with feedback and tesedited for me

all these people did wonderful jobs making custom resources for skyrim