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A few mods have implemented alternative crafting systems. Most of them use long lists of known item which is always incomplete because it's doesn't support new armors and weapons from 3rd party plugin unless patched. A second method uses an automatic patcher tool to generate these list but it necessitate a new patch at every change and it's tedious. This mod add the possibility to have any item crafted (even from other mods) by any smith in skyrim (and any smith added by mods) without patching of any sort. It's an easy solution for those tired of leveling crafting (and breaking their character persona) just to get to that uber new armor or weapon or stay on par with the difficulty. I made this for myself so I thought I'd share. Share and Enjoy.

  • Blacksmith will temper your weapons and adjust your armors for the cost of the material only. This is intended to work alongside mod where your weapon and armor lose durability over time, and where base materials of top tier weapons and armor are rare and expensive.
  • Blacksmith have the vanilla perk corresponding to their smithing skill level. Hence they can craft armor of any material they have knowledge of.
  • The more skillful the blacksmith, the more expensive their services (coz they are busy)(customizable).
  • Crafting takes time (customizable).


  • If the smith already has the crafted item in his inventory, you'll receive the item immediatly at no extra cost (other than the material). This is seldom the case.
  • Vanilla skyrim is weird... A trainer can train you higher than his own skill level. The top blacksmith is Eorlund Graymane with a smithing skill of 41!?! What gives. That why there is the "Apply Skill Level Correction" option in the menu. This rescale the skill distribution of the NPC in the world (without modifying them) such that Eorlund has skill level close to 100. I repeat. The menu option does NOT change the actor value, it SHOULD BE SET by you to the value of the smithing skill of the best smith, whoever that is. If, for example, you set the menu option to 100 and the best smith has 41 smithing, the effective value for that smith is 41... so he won't be able to craft anything high level. On the other hand, if you set it to 41 (the actual value), then that smith will appear to know everything... coz he's the best.
  • Tested with ACE (which modifies the smithing skill tree) wihout issue. There shouldn't be any problem with any mod modifying skill tree as long as they don't modify the vanilla CK skills themselves. It would be ill advised to do that in any case so all should be fine.
  • There is a delay between the end of the dialogue and opening of the crafting menu. Why? Because.

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