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This mod gives a unique aspect for windmills, lumbermills and their house's interiors.

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Better Mills Textures aims to give a unique aspect to each windmill and lumbermill.

Bethesda has created only two sorts on windmill. One spread around Whiterun, with Whiterun textures, and another, spread into the whole Skyrim, with a Solitude texture.
Similarly, each lumbermill has the same texture, in Falkreath, Windhelm or Riften, the famous faded "farmhouse" style.

This mod is a very little mod which change this nonsense (and laziness). I was working [hard] (yeah!) on my new version of Better Towns Textures and Better Villages Textures, and in order to make a little break, I decided to cover the mills, so I made this little mod very quickly.

It changed 4 windmills and 4 lumbermills to give them a unique aspect based on the region (architecture, climates and ressources).

This mod don't touch these mills:
- Solitude windmill and these around Whiterun because they are already unique
- Solitude lumbermill, same reason
- Falkreath, Morthal, Dragonbridge and Ivarstead mills, because they are/will be covered by Better Towns textures and Better Villages Textures.

[size=7]W[/size]HAT'S NEW?

1.1 (01/04/14)
- Aded patchs for No Snow Under the Roof and No Snow Under the Roof + Better Dynamic Snow
- Updated merged patchs (v2) for Better Towns Textures updates

Very nice comparison at 0:47. Thank you Nozi87! ----------------------------------- Mod at 1:50, thank you misalen!


- THIS NOT A TEXTURE PACK: it is only a pluggin which use your owns textures
- Change mills and houses, and also interiors.
- This mod use textures from other cities and dungeons, mix them and add them on buildings and objects.
- No scripts
- No performances hit, you have 4K, it will be, you play, it will be.
- A lot of comptability patchs.
- High quality meshes (from SMIM and ELFX-SMIM, thanks to Brumbek and Anamorphus!)
- Patch to remove roofs textures
- Immersive and lore friendly (at least, I hope!)

[size=7]M[/size]ill by Mill


Salvius Farm : Everything in Markarth is made with stone. So the mill is made of stone, with gold roof and some graven stone. In brief, it looks Markarth!
Loreius Farm: I wanted to keep farm style. The house is unchanged and the mill has also this style.
Sarethi Farm: It just look like the riften-farmhouse. I add riften-wood and riften-stones. House is unchanged, because (OMG) they are already unique.
Snow-Shod Farm: Likewise


Angas Mill : This mill is in a cold region, near Windhelm, so I tried to imitate Windhelm style. Houses and mill are made with stone. Interiors are also made, but there is more wood indoor.
Heart-Wood Mill : as it is in Fall Forest I give to this mill the Riften style, in order to looks like the house.
Hal-Moon Mill : similarly, I tried to give a pine forest style with wood and stone. Interiors are made.
Mix-Water Mill : I don't know why I give this style to this mill, it just looks nice, I think. Interiors are made.


- Textures pack: This will work. However I recommand "vanilla like" textures (2K textures, amidian etc), because It may look strange with very differents textures.
- Sexy Cities, Tamriel Reloaded, Tropical Skyrim: use fix. (Note: sexy cities looks fine, but I'm quite sceptical with the 2 others).
- Enhanced Lights and FX: use the patch
- Tropical SKyrim, Seasons of SKyrim or similar mods: use the patch which remove/add snow.
- Parallax: not sure if parallax will work on the new buildings. However you won't have issues.
- Animated SkyMill and SkyFall: compatible if you use the correct version
- Windmills resized : compatible
- Static Mesh Improvement Mod: included
- Of course not compatible with mod that change these buildings...


Just drop Better Mills Textures.esp and .bsa in your data folder or use NMM, Wrye Bash....

Delete these files.


For load order, read instructions in NMM or inside archive.

The file contains:

- Original or Animated SkyMill version
- BSA or loose files
- No roofs: removes the snow textures
- ELFX patch
- Tropical Skyrim, Sexy Cities and Tamriel Reloaded fix
- Snow or no-snow for Seasons of Skyrim, Tropical SKyrim...


1.01 _ 01/02/14: Now fomod and all in one
1.0 _ 30/01/14: First Release

[size=7]F[/size]uture Plans

Better Towns Textures V2.
Better Villages Textures.
And more.


Brumbek for allowing me to use his meshes from Static Meshes Improvement.
Anamorfus for allowing me to use his Enhanced Lights and FX - SMIM Meshes in order to prevent lighting bugs with his mod.
ElminsterAU for TES5Edit (patchs and cleaning).
Mcguffin for TESVTranslator (french to english translation).
Bethesda for the great Elder Scrolls.

Everyone who follows and supports me to release this mod :)

[size=7]M[/size]Y OTHER MODS

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