Realistic Fast Travel - LANGUAGE FRIENDLY by ArgoE11
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Did you ever find that vanilla fast travel is too fast? It takes about three in-game hours to go move from Witherun to Windhelm... just without talking about horses. Thi is generally the reason for many users do not use fast travel and prefer a realistic walk, even if walking for the same road several times can be very annoyng.
I tried to use Fast travel timescale fix by Hexaae, but for me it increased the speed, so fast travel became a real teleport. So I decided to make my own mod.

If you use immersive/realistic mods like Frostfall and RND, you sholdn't miss this mod too.

Realistic Fast Travel sets the speed multiplier to 0.437500 (vanilla is 1.000000).
I adjusted the speed of fast travel so it fits exactly the time it would take walking from a place to another.

Use NMM or simply put the "Realistic Fast Travel.esp" file in your C:/.../Skyrim/Data folder.
Delete the .esp file or use NMM to uninstall.

All mods that modify fFastTravelSpeedMult value.
If you use Frostfall, I suggest to disable Frostfall's fast travel manager with MCM.

No strings are modified in this mod, so it'is compatible with all languages!