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[size=8]Volkihar Castle[/size]

Small re-haul of Volkihar castle. Mainly focuses on the bedroom area. I didn't like any of the Volkihar castle mods so I made this for myself. Since I made it, you can use it if you want.

All display cases made active

Added bookshelves

Added shield pegs

Remade quarters

Other small additions

no scripts

Most additions require you to have finished the Dawnguard quest and ask that the passage to the courtyard be unblocked. You can install before that or after that. When you install doesn't matter.

A few caveats: Display cases don't like being changed on an existing save. If you try to remove items in a case and you can't select the item, either TCL into the case until you can select it, or place a weapon in the activator and the old item should pop out. Then you have a working display case. Once you get it working, it should work from then on.

If a case doesn't say "place dagger" or "place weapon," remove all existing items from the case you want to use, then exit and reenter the castle. You should then have a working display case.

That's just skyrim being skyrim. All cases work properly and as intended. Just not at first.

Bookcases: As a general rule, the best way to place books on a shelf is to console TCL before placing the books. In any bookshelf, anywhere in the game. That ensures that the books line up properly. Just a good rule of thumb.

Credits to Oaristys & Tony67 for making the modder's resources I used.

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Also try my Dawnstar Sanctuary mod. It's a bit bigger.