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Quest-driven replacement of the 4 ruined buildings in Winterhold with 3 new merchants and an optional player-house. Merchants are wealthy and sell useful items always.

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This stand-alone version of Winterhold Rebuild is no longer supported. It is now part of...


WINTERHOLD REBUILD is quest-driven repair of the four damaged houses in Winterhold. To see the town rebuilt, lend a hand to the lead carpenter Avis. He works outside on one of the buildings being rebuilt from 6am to 8pm. At night you can find him in the Frozen Hearth Inn. Only the town will be rebuilt, no college property will be changed.

PLAYER HOME purchase will be an option at the end of your quest, but not mandatory. Coldstone Manor is simple, affordable, and matches the town. The housecarl has her own room in the cellar, separated from your living space. Both sections of Coldstone are safe for storage, but use the latest version to be sure.

NEW MERCHANTS include a blacksmith, an apothecary/magical goods shop, and a new general goods store. Merchants are protected, but not essential.

- Do NOT use with my Qaxe's Questorium mod. Winterhold Rebuild is already contained within Q.Q..
- Incompatible with almost every other Winterhold TOWN mod.
- Mods that edit The College of Winterhold are unrelated, thus no conflict.
- This mod is PC only.

PATCHES: Interesting NPCs and ETaC both have patches to play with other Winterhold mods.

UPDATE? Your save-games will not pick up any changes made to quests in mod updates. You should NOT simply update a mod by overwriting the old one, if quest changes were made. If you decide to update Winterhold Rebuild from v9 to v10 you must...

1. Start Skyrim as usual and retrieve ALL your items from this mod's containers. This includes followers, mannequins, etc.
If over-encumbered, open the console with the ~ button and type TGM to toggle god-mode.
2. Release any followers you were using from the mod.
3. Move your spouse and/or children OUT of the mod's house to any other house.
4. Go to a vanilla game location and save the game (exteriors are fine)
5. Deactivate the mod in your game's DATA menu, in NMM, MO etc. OR remove the mod entirely if updating.
6. Start Skyrim and make a save WITHOUT the mod installed. (Do not do this if
your character is a blue-elf! See the README for more info.)
7. Exit the game and use a tool like the Save Game Script Cleaner.
8. Install the newest version and play.



PERMISSIONS: This mod is the creative property of the author. The author does NOT give permission for re-uploading this mod, edits/renditions/merges of this mod on this or any other website(s). Translations and patches may not contain my files. If you see this mod anywhere but but here please report it.