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Added: 29/01/2014 - 01:48AM
Updated: 12/09/2015 - 09:48PM

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Last updated at 21:48, 12 Sep 2015 Uploaded at 1:48, 29 Jan 2014

Recent Changes:

21/02/14 - 2.0 Update: Added a few new storage spots, made aesthetic improvements, added an upstairs with Enchanting and Alchemy crafting, moved the caravan down the road to interact better with vanilla Skyrim and fixed Frostfall issues.

29/01/14 - 1.1 Update: Fixed the custom meshes issue. Also changed a bit of the appearance.


Hi there, and welcome to the release of my first Skyrim mod ever!

Caravan Home is a small player house located on the road close to Whiterun, It has numerous storage spots for all of your equipment needs and features a bed, mannequin, map marker, and a working fireplace. Every bit of clutter in the house is static so you can shout without fearing a hail of items will come down on you.

I have been working on this house for a long while, and have gone through about 10 different designs for it, and I think this one turned out the best.

I really love the idea of a Skyrim-esque mobile home, but wasn't too keen on the selection of mods available on the Nexus, so I made my own. After using it for quite a while I am now sharing it with everyone else. :)

Please keep in mind that this is my first mod and there will probably be some issues people will have, and I am more than willing to stay up all night fixing them if I have to. I am open to requests for additions, but mostly small ones as my vision was just a small player house, not a huge mansion.


*Now compatible with Extended Towns and Cities mod*

The Caravan should work fine with vanilla Skyrim, but I can't be too sure as I did not complete the story with the mod so I am unsure as to how it interacts with the civil war quest. There are a few mods that I recommend using:

Sexy Windhelm v.2 by horrorview

This one is pretty essential as I used the Windhelm textures for most of the structure (and as everyone knows, Windhelm textures are pretty bad in vanilla Skyrim). This will ensure that it looks the way that it was intended to look.


Because I have quite a few graphical mods and SweetFX going for the screenshots, it is unlikely your version will look like mine. I am leaving it up to you to decide what mods you want to use, but feel free to message me and I will help you out!

*The key for the Caravan can be found south of the road, on top of a ridge with 2 leveled enemies. It will be in a chest at the foot of a tree.*

*In an effort to save the backs of horses everywhere, the cart does not move... Yet...*