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Added: 28/01/2014 - 05:22AM
Updated: 15/02/2014 - 07:32AM

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Last updated at 7:32, 15 Feb 2014 Uploaded at 5:22, 28 Jan 2014

Description has been updated since 1.2.3.

Usage/Explaining video is here:

** Make Sure SKSE is INSTALLED in Your System!! **
You have to type 'searchupdatedb' after INSTALL/UPDATE this plugin in console. (no default database provided)

This plugin adds some console commands that allows you to search for cells, quests, and npcs by FormID/EditorID/Name using this plugin.
(including CELL COC Codes, NPC RefID, QUEST Stages)
Also, this plugin SUPPORTS ALL mods.

* This plugin was not created by, and is not affiliated with, the website *

MO USERS : mo.png is in root directory of the .7z file.

If you want this plugin to ignore some mods when you update db, just disable esm/esp files temporarily before you update. After updating is done, you may enable esm/esp files back.

You can see help messages by typing 'searchhelp' in console.

If you find any bugs from my plugin, please contact to [email protected]

OPEN ERR:unable to open database file
-> make sure that the directory containing the binary is not read-only
-> try giving admin permission to exe file

[FATAL]: Failed to read .STRINGS ... Exiting
-> Solution A:
Google "[Plugin filename] + Strings file" ex) Dawnguard Strings file
Download and Place the file in data/strings/[Plugin Filename]_English.strings
-> Solution B:
Extract .STRINGS files from .bsa via BSA Unpacker.

v 1.2.3
Fixed a bug when you use mods more than 127.

v 1.2.2
Fixed a problem when reading plugins.txt (for some users)

v 1.2.1
Fixed winxp incompatibility (however, requires testing)

v 1.2.0
Changed the way of supporting MO, please refer to about mo.txt

v 1.1.6
Now ignores case of [QuestID = EDID] when searching quest stages.
Shows an message when no matching results found.
Removed useless debugging log.
Logs dll version on load to avoid uploading wrong version of the file.

v 1.1.5
more log, and replaced wrong file.

v 1.1.4
Fixed a minor bug (wrong master loadorder conversion).

v 1.1.3
Fixed a CTD bug(from searchnpc command).

v 1.1.2
Fixed a bug from ignoring feature.

v 1.1 -> v 1.1.1 (Serious Problem has been fixed, sorry.)
Supports MO since version 1.1 (read aboutmo.txt)

v 1.0
- First Public Release.