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Makes Arvak a ghost rather than a skeleton

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I love the idea of having a horse that you can summon when you need him, but there's one thing that bothered me about Arvak's skeletal form. Can you imagine actually riding around on the exposed spine of a horse... especially since said horse has no saddle or bridle?

Yeah... gives an all new meaning to the term "saddle sore," doesn't it?

So, I decided to remake Arvak into a ghost. I figured that someone riding around on a ghost horse would be less likely to scare the daylights out of someone than riding around on a flaming horse skeleton. In essence, I made Arvak more kid-friendly.

I based Arvak's body on Shadowmere's, except that I changed his eye glows into a bluish color. Also, since he's a ghost, he shouldn't need rest... so I jacked up his health and stamina to really high levels, as well as made him relatively invulnerable. I also changed his behavior so that if you're in combat, Arvak will attack your enemies. (He's supposed to be loyal after all.) This gives him the double duty of being a familiar that you can summon to defend yourself as well as a steed. I also jacked up his speed so that he's 50% faster than Shadowmere. Also, the summonable version has an Imperial saddle.

So basically, I made Arvak into the anti-Shadowmere.

The downside? Arvak will be harder to see in the daytime.

This mod requires Dawnguard, of course.

Endorsements and comments are welcome.


UPDATE: I updated Arvak's ghostly appearance to be more consistent with the ghosts of the Soul Cairn.

NEW UPDATE:  After several requests, I've added a version without the speed buff.