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Duntar Hall by Veteron
Skyrim » Player homes
Added: 26/01/2014 - 11:53PM
Updated: 08/02/2015 - 10:32AM

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Uploaded by Veteron


Last updated at 10:32, 8 Feb 2015 Uploaded at 23:53, 26 Jan 2014


A plugin for "The Elder Scrolls V, Skyrim"


Duntar Hall was built at the same time as Vlindrel Hall, when Markarth was founded by the dwarven.
In order to own Duntar Hall, you just have to pick up the key, which is located by the firebowl near the entrance.
For a brief history/guide of Duntar Hall and the Dwemer Cave, read the book on the table in the library.
All the storage containers/cupboards/drawers/chests/barrels in the house are safe (non respawning),
Enter the large Dwemer Cave, located beneath the foundation of Markarth.
Discover the City of Mchanduzel.


* A new player home in Markarth.
* Several decorated rooms, including a basement.
* Living/dining room, Library, kitchen/storage room, 2 sleeping rooms, magic room and guest room.
* 3 mannequins, several weapon/shield plaques and display cases.
* 2 bookcases, 24 bookshelfs for 264 books.
* Arcane enchanting and alchemy lab tables.
* All needed crafting equipment.
* New dungeons in the Dwemer Cave: Armory, Store room, Quarters, and Unknown.
* Suitable for followers.
* Map icon for fast travel.


* Skyrim.esm
* Update.esm


* Unzip the files into your "SkyrimData" directory.
* Or use the nexus mod manager.
* Or subscribe in workshop.

When you run Skyrim, click on Data Files, and make sure that MDH_Vet_v1.0e is selected, then play the game.

Changes in version MDH_Vet_v1.0e: 

Added some storage in the kitchen and near the Arcane enchanting and alchemy lab tables. 


* Delete MDH_Vet_v1.0e from your "SkyrimData" directory.
* Or uninstall with the nexus mod manager.
* Or unsubscribe in workshop.


* This mod may not be compatible with other mods that change the area used by this mod.
* Mod is cleaned with TES5Edit.


Bethesda for this great game.

Cheeseonion for support and efforts.
Niveus and Zerathos dagon for beta testing.


You can find me on TESNEXUS or STEAM as "Veteron".

Dont forget to thumbs up or endorse if you enjoy this mod!