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Name: HN66s The DeathCrown Katana
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Version: 1.1
Date: 03-07-2014
Category: Weapons / Swords
Requirements: Skyrim
Author: Humannature66

This mod adds a Katana-styled One-hand-sword and a two-handed version called "DeathCrown" to your game.
They can be found in Bleakfalls Barrow, and they can also be crafted, and tempered/improved.
The swords are made from scratch.
The mod is NMM-compatible.

- 1.0 - initial release
- 1.1 - 1-handed AND 2-handed version available

I don't like the typical dull blades.
Japanese blacksmiths were able to produce polished & shiny blades since ages.
So here are two for Skyrim.
Devine's smile on you if you endorse ;)

Inside Bleakfalls Barrow (the Dohvakiin's first job for Whiterun's Jarl & Mage), in the word-wall-area.
You can find the Katanas in a noble chest.

A: Use NMM


B: Manual installation:
1. Unzip and extract the "HN66DeathCrownKatana.rar" to any temporary folder.
2. Copy the contents into Skyrim's data-folder.
The paths:

3. Activate the esp in your launcher.

1. Delete the file associated with the mod.

There should be no incompatibility.

You can find me on the Nexus as Humannature66.
if u need technical help with this, use the thread or contact me via pm;

Credits & Thanx
*dptheslothking* ... thanx for the promo-video !
Jen, 2pac4eva7 & XunAmarox for "Blender NIF Import - Export Tutorial".

Bethesda for creating Skyrim;



Tools Used
NIFSkope -
Blender -
DXTBmp -
Photofiltre -
Gimp -

NO reuploads on other sites without my permission!!!
Nothing of this stuff is resource material and may NOT resubmitted without my written consent!!!
This includes, but is not limited to derivatives!!!

greetz Humannature66