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IZ aka IDzeroNo and B3lisario

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This is a conversion of the Sleek Steel Stand-Alone Armor for the UNPB body with BBP. All credit goes to the original authors.

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[size=24pt]Sleek Steel - UNPB BBP[/size]

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[onorezdiLP016] Gain (Jan. 26. 2014)

==== ...
Req: Female Body that uses (BBP) UNPB - preferred


First and foremost , I have been given permission.

This is a conversion of the Sleek Steel Stand-Alone Armor for the UNPB body with BBP



Armors Converted
CHSBHC/UNPB/CBBE comparability

Credits and thanks:
Credits and thanks:
ReflexShooter for Sleek Steel Replacer and Stand-Alone Armors for UNP-UNPB-CBBE
mrtroublemaker and xp32 and someone else for UNP BLESSED BODY UNPB
dimon99 for DIMONIZED UNP female body

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