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Added: 26/01/2014 - 03:28AM
Updated: 22/03/2014 - 12:51AM

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Last updated at 0:51, 22 Mar 2014 Uploaded at 3:28, 26 Jan 2014

Simple mod that changes locked chests and doors to unlocked. So if you are dungeon crawling you will not run into a door thats locked then a chest thats also locked on the other side of the door.

I did not unlock anything that requires a key and I did not unlock homes and shops. If you want to enter those places when the doors are locked then break out the lockpicks or console the door unlocked. Many doors and chests were locked and had a key that could unlock it but could also be picked are now unlocked.

This was simple to fix but incredibly mind numbing and boring. There were hundreds of locked doors and chests so I may have missed some or maybe even unlocked a house door or shop at some point. If you run across a chest in the middle of nowhere and it is locked.. Sorry I wont be going through every "Wilderness" cell to find it.

But if you find one indoors that doesnt require a key i can quickly add it. Any shop or home door that was unlocked I can fix that as well so it is locked properly but those should lock at nights and unlock during bussiness hours through scripting so shouldnt be an issue.

There is no scripting done, no chests or doors were moved or removed. The only changes is the Locked checkbox was unchecked. So should be compatible with any other mod including lockpicking cheats. If a mod changes a dungeon and moves a chest or door this mod should go above it in the load order so it does not put the chest back. The other mod may lock it again though.

Instalation instructions. Download and unpack into your data folder and make sure NotLockedAnymore.esp is running via the game launcher.

NMM: I do not use mod managers, I do not like mod managers, I will not support mod managers. If NMM cannot put a single .esp into the correct place and add it to the load order please do not come here asking for help. NMM has a forum, go ask there. If you ask in the comments about the mod not running and say you use NMM I will not help get it running. Download with manager is enabled because i don't care if you use NMM, I just do not want to support it if it screws up.

Uninstall: delete NotLockedAnymore.esp from the Data folder.

Update 1.03
Added a chest in Shadowgreen Cavern that was missed.

Update 1.02
Relocked Arcadia's Cauldron front and back doors.

Update 1.01
Relocked several trap triggers that were accidently unlocked.
Missed 1 lock in an extreior cell.

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