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Adds additional elite guards and some named NPC "hero" guards to the Palace of Kings in Windhelm to offer better protection to Ulfric Stormcloak.

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Part 2 for Castle Dour is now ready! -

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I have always wondered why the leaders of the two main factions had so little in the way of personal defense in the middle of an all-out war. You show up to the Jarl's doorstep and only a couple of guards stand between you and ending a civil war with one swift stroke of a poison dagger.

Although it's true that both Tullius and Ulfric are "essential", and the guards wouldn't stop you from approaching anyway no matter how many I put in there, my mod nonetheless tries to add a bit more realism and immersion by offering more "protection" to each leader.

Specifically, this mod will add a dozen NPCs to the Palace of Kings:

8 elite guards;
2 elite archers;
2 named "heroic" NPCs.

The base level of the NPCs is from 50 to 60, and will defend any of their faction's guards or leaders as any other guard would - so if you plan on winning the civil war, you will either have to be quite the badass Dragonborn, or bring a small army - the latter of which I feel is more realistic.

It seems silly how one player can just charge into enemy HQ and single-handedly win a civil war. The old "invincible hero" cutting through dozens of guards almost nonchalantly gets pretty old, if you ask me.

This is only part 1 of the mod - it adds NPCs to the Palace of the Kings in Windhelm. Part 2 will fill up Castle Dour.

Any comments, suggestions or bug reports are welcome.

Please not that I have uploaded two versions - one with Cloaks of Skyrim enabled (you need this mod for it to function), and one without - it is completely independent and requires nothing.

Stay tuned for part 2!


"Cloaks of Skyrim" by Noodles -

From his Permission section: "If you just wish to use one of the cloak meshes for an armour/clothing/companion mod, then go ahead. You have permission to use the resources for anything along those lines."

I don't think he'd have any issues with me borrowing a few of his cloaks, however if you are Noodles and do not wish me to use your mod as a master file, let me know.