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Dwemer based dungeon, puzzle oriented. A new way to approach explorations.

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Dwemer based dungeon with puzzle orientation. It's gonna be intense and brain breaking to someone, you are warned. (At least one hour gameplay)
Followers are not needed to play this adventure, it could be beaten with one single (breathtaking) fight, but not get too confident to make it this way.
It is recommended to play at least a level 25 character (any type).
To start the journey go to the Arcaneum at Mage's College in Wintherhold and look for a book (as showed in the picture).
This dungeon is not hard considering the combat side, strategy and sharp mind are the keys.

After downloading, unpack the provided package and copy both files (esp & bsa) into your Skyrim/Data folder, as usual, or use NMM.
Just remove the afore mentioned files or simply deactivate the mod unticking it through the ingame launcher.
Only vanilla Skyrim up to date is required to run this mod.

Everything has been tested but unfortunately I didn't have the opportunity to have other people tests in order to have a wider angle of prospective looking for weirdness which I'm sure are lying around, hidden somewhere. So, if you stumble across something unpleasant, please, let me know (However, there should be nothing to actually worry about).

Please do not discuss about puzzle solving into the comments page. Have the courtesy to avoid spoilers or the meaning of this mod would be lost (along with all my work).
Not every single puzzle is necessery in order to get this mod finished but one single mistake could end up having you face a real bad time. Some puzzles have unlimited amount of attempts, riddles just a couple; just be careful.
Honestly I have no idea if those puzzles are that hard, since I'm the one who made it and I can't get rid of my "logic" to approach the task with a different mind... for those who might have some serious trouble there is the possibility to "cheat" your way through (use console command "help solutions" searching for a custom note containing all you might need).

Hjakhtravarr Tomb
The Temple of Black Rock
ORS1 - The Gate of Solitude
ORS2 - MorthalPain
Djiin Cube