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About this mod

YOT is a mod that changes the main game, DLCs and many other mods messages and notifications from second person into First person to make things more immersive.

Permissions and credits


This mod basically changes most(if not all) of the second person messages and texts in game and makes them 1st person.

Now more in depth, This mod is basically the little brother of TTYM (Think to Yourself Messages) as this takes a lot of influences from it and expands upon it, I was a bit disappointed to see TTYM just be abandoned like that so I've decided to make my own mod like that and expand majorly upon it, the prime importance of this mod is immersion for the Main game, its DLCS and other peoples mods.

The mod includes the main game, its DLCs and many many mods which you can find a list in the comments section at the top. Any mods that people request which have second person messages and can be made to 1st person and more immersive I will be happy to add to the to-do list and make it in due time.

Like TTYM, It will do more than change "you" to "i", The messages are constructed to seem more natural and immersive.

If you have any requests for mods that you want to be YOT'd leave a comment in the posts section or if there's any bugs or problems leave them there. Any comments in general are also welcome.


Install the All-In-One file via NMM (or Manually if you wish), then enable it by any of your mod managers and make sure it loads after Skyrim.esm(and all dlcs if applicable) and before any Bashed patch.esp or Reproccer.esp

The YOT Files can be merged into Bashed patch only if you have Wrye Bash 306, NOT 305, 305 doesn't have that capability it seems although 306 does, So if you cant merge it you NEED 306

Requires Unofficial Skyrim Legendary Edition Patch If you use the main file.


Compatible with everything so far except for other mods that change the messages in game to first person like TTYM or First-Person Messages

Thanks to...

Bethesda for Skyrim
VorpalBlades for the mod TTYM - Think To Yourself Messages( - Endorse it, because without it, this mod wouldn't be here)
My friend Rivent who made the graphic
MistakenMystic for his own YOT - Hunterborn Module (
Deadmano for his plugin of changes and the idea of having a module without the game mechanic changes

Version History

Version 3.5 - 28/07/2018
Added: YOT - Lock Overhaul for Lock Overhaul 1.2
Changed: YOT - Campfire/Frostfall Spell Descriptions to be more neutral. I didn't like how they deferred from how the vanilla spells were worded.(Not touched the exposure and wet spell effects though) If you dislike the changes, 3.4 still works fine.

version 3.4 - 07/09/2017
Updated: Campfire Module updated for 1.11
Updated: Frostfall Module updated for 3.4.1
Updated: Wearable Lanterns Module updated for 4.0.2

Version 3.3 - 27/11/2016
Updated: Campfire Module updated for 1.10.3
Updated: Frostfall Module updated for 3.3.1
Added: Some magic effects in the iNeed module that i missed

Version 3.2 - 14/08/2016
Added: Moonlight Tales Essentials YOT for Moonlight Tales - Werewolf and Werebear Essentials 2.51
Added: Skyrim Heart Rate YOT for Skyrim Heart Rate 1.3 Beta
Added: Enderal YOT Beta for Enderal English Version -Only under Optional Files for now-

Version 3.1 - 03/07/2016
Edited: Frostfall 3.0 Module updated for Frostfall 3.1.1 and Campfire 1.8
Added: Campfire YOT for Campfire 1.8 for those who only use just Campfire

Version 3.0 - 12/06/2016
Added: Hunterborn addon for Hunterborn 1.5 with some help from MistakenMystic and Jedp15, Thanks again!
Added: Wearable Lanterns YOT for Wearable Lanterns 4.0.1
Added: Moonlight Tales YOT for Moonlight Tales 2.33
Added: Hypothermia YOT for Hypothermia 1.5
Added: Diseased YOT for Diseased 1.08d
Added: Droops Medicine Addon YOT for Droops Medicine Addon 1.6
Added: iNeed YOT for iNeed 1.602
Added: Art of the Catch YOT for Art of the Catch 1.01
Added: Alternative version for main file which changes the game mechanic messages to vanilla
Removed: Seperate verions of Skyrim and DLC, No Longer Supported, Under a folder called "Legacy"

Version 2.92 - 18/03/2016
Edited: Frostfall 3.0 Module updated for Frostfall 3.0.3 and Campfire 1.7.1
Edited: Updated Better Vampires version to be compatible with 7.2

Version 2.91 - 09/12/2015
Edited: Frostfall 3.0 Module updated for Campfire 1.6

Version 2.9 - 29/11/2015
Edited: Main File, DLCs, Frostfall 3.0 and Better Vampires Module's messages to be alot more improved thanks to Jedp15!
Edited: Changed the Rescue messages in Frostfall to be more immersive

Version 2.81 - 25/11/2015
Edited: Fixed a bug with the new Frostfall Module which caused perk menu to not work

Version 2.8 - 24/11/2015
Edited: Updated Frostfall 3.0 module to be compatable with Frostfall 3.0.1
Edited: Updated Better Vampires version to be compatible with 7.1
Edited: Updated Main Module with a few messages I was not happy with.

Version 2.7 - 18/11/2015
Added: Frostfall 3.0 Module including messages for the new Campfire mod that is needed for Frostfall 3.0. The 2.6 module is still available for those who do not want to use the newest version.

Version 2.6 - 09/11/2015
Edited: Merged versions of YOT(Normal and RND Version) updated to support Unofficial Skyrim Legendary Edition Patch instead of the normal one (Singular Patch still uses USKP as SLEEP requires all the DLC)

Version 2.5 - 24/07/2015
Edited: Updated Better Vampires version to be compatible with 7.0
Removed: ML Version of Better Vampires as its no longer needed as of 7.0

Version 2.10 - 23/04/2015
Changed: All Main files (YOT - Your Own Thoughts.esp) to be compatible to be merged with Wrye Bash 306 and above (Thanks insaneplumber!)

Version 2.00 - 14/03/2015
Added: Main File finally finished!
Added: Made compatible and now requires the Unofficial Skyrim Patch
Edited: Removed the "Logging Progress..." message due to people's hate of it (Its now Vanilla)
Edited: Frostfall's Description
Edited: Fixed a bug which broke Frostfall's Campfire from 2.5 to 2.6
Edited: Included extra stuff from Frostfall 2.6

Version 1.70 - 15/09/2014
Added: MistakenMystic's Version of YOT - Hunterborn

Version 1.61 - 22/04/2014
Added: Better Vampires ML YOT

Version 1.60 - 22/04/2014
Added: Better Vampires YOT
Edited: All the main modules descriptions to describe which they are (If merged or vanilla and if they have RND)
Edited: Record about horses in the main file to be more appropriate (Thanks Razlon!)
Edited: Record in Frostfall that I missed
Edited: Frostfall Description to show what Frostfall Version its for

Version 1.51 - 02/02/2014
Fixed: A Bug that was in the main file that changed the name of saves

Version 1.50 - 29/01/2014
Added: FOMod installer for NMM
Added: Merged ESPs for the "Main file+all DLCS" and "Main file+all DLCS+RND"
Added: All-in-one installer which has all current YOT mods in one file
Moved: All Singular files are now under Misc

Version 1.10 - 28/01/2014
Edited: Changed a couple of entries i was not happy with in the Dragonborn one
Edited: Missed an entry for the Hearthfire one
Edited: Missed a couple of Entries for the Dawnguard one
Added: Many messages in the main file finished. (A-C fully done)

Version 1.01 - 27/01/2014
Added Dragonborn DLC

Version 1.00 - 25/01/2014
Added Dawnguard DLC
Added Hearthfire DLC
*Initial release