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Last updated at 17:52, 8 Apr 2014 Uploaded at 23:55, 26 Jan 2014

This mod changes the appearance of several characters in-game to look a little more appealing to the eye. It also fixes several missing relationships. At the moment it's a Work In Progress so any suggestions are welcome.

(also on Steam Workshop. Same name, same author, less frequently updated)

Currently changed:

- Lokir (what can I say? something about his face irritated me, also changed his clothes to something more realistic)
- Aela the Huntress (Made to look more like a huntress also changed eye color and warpaint. preview image isn't showing warpaint because I apparently have a mod that's conflicting with it.)
- Ulfric Stormcloak (Tried to make him a bit more regal looking. Might have to tweak it more later. Also changed his clothes' texture!)
- General Tullius (Needed to be able to see his facial hair and he needed to look more...veteran-ey)
- Aringoth (made properly a Bosmer)
- Enthir (made properly an Altmer)
- Uthgerd The Unbroken (Made her younger and look a little more wild, giving multiple possible definitions to "The Unbroken" Also changed her armor to Scaled to improve her appearance and make her look more wild)
- Legate Rikke (Unified her appearances. She no longer has two completely different faces)
- Spectral Assassin (Properly named him Lucian Lachance, may tweak name later, changed his armor to the Ancient Shrouded Armor because it makes more sense. Also tweaked his "non dead" model a little but it's probably not noticable)
- Lydia (black, shortish hair did NOT suit her. Made it long and dark brown)
- Faendal (it's ok if you don't remember him. He's in riverwood. He was fugly. Now he's kinda-sorta less.)
- Proventus (the Steward in Whiterun. I didn't like his clothes so I changed them)
- Eorlund Grey Mane (Now wears a different set of armor because the best smith in skyrim shouldn't be running around in...whatever that was)
- Every Housecarl (Now wears the armor of the hold they're from, minus the helmet. May have missed one/some, it didn't feel like I edited enough things. Let me know.)
- Sapphire (Made her a more believable thief in appearance and look a bit younger to denote her actual age)
- Vex (Removed the ton of Make-up Bethesda slapped on her, and changed her hairstyle to make her look more...professional)
- Arnbjorn (basically just darkened his hair and made his eyes yellow)
- Astrid (Not really enough to be worth mentioning, but putting it here in case someone DOES notice)
- Sheogorath (No more blind eyes. Now gold like they should be. Hairstyle also changed because the other one was slightly off)
- Nocturnal (removed all red from her makeup, replaced with blue, changed hairstyle)
- All of the members of "The Circle" now wear the companions armor (Excepting Aela The Huntress who wears light armor)
- All members of the thieves guild now wear standard Thieves Guild armor (excepting Brynjolf, Delvin, Mercer, Vex, and Karliah)
- All members of the Dark Brotherhood (excepting Babette who the robes/armor are too big for) now wear either the Shrouded Armor or the Shrouded Robes

Armor Textures:
- Ulfric's Armor
- Shrouded Armor
- Shrouded Robes
- Ancient Shrouded Armor

Fixed non-existant relationships between several related characters. (What? You've never heard of each other? He's your brother!)
- To Be Specific:
- Maul and Dirge are now flagged as brothers
- Mjoll and Maven are now flagged as Foes
- Farkas and Vilkas are know flagged as Brothers
- Aela and Skjor are now Flagged as Allies
- Hroki and Hreinn are now flagged as Brother and Sister
- Gormlaith Golden-Hilt and Hakon-One Eye are Flagged as Brother and Sister
- Delvin is now flagged as Sapphire's Uncle (Secret)
- Alduin and paartthunax are now Flagged as Brothers
- Shadowmere made invulnerable as she should be

Please note: I post changelogs 1 version ahead of the current so that I can keep track of what I've done so far. Feel free to comment on them.