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Elemental Binding - Bound Weapons Enhancement
A simple mod enchancing Bound Weapons.
At lower lvl Bound Weapons are strong enough to stand on their own, only after higher lvls they loose their usefulness except for cheap soul traps or banishing summons. Without smithing enhancement, bound weapons are lack-luster at best especially on higher difficulty and with many creature and combat mods mixed in. So this is where "Elemental Binding" comes in.
This mod adds bound weapons' damage scaling and additional elemental damage. It only modifies one vanilla perk (Mystic Binding) and bound weapons' object effect to function fully for better compatibility with other magic mods.

* Bound Weapons damage scaling after player lvl40 if you have Mystic Binding perk. (Since I usually play with High Level Enemies mod's Raised Ability Caps plugin, this is more in line with that mod's scaling theme.)
After player lvl40, bound weapons' damage scales to Conjuration lvl to a max of twice as strong like smithing master with a daedric weapon. (The exact value is "Value *= 1 + Conjuration*0.01.)
* Bound Weapons elemental damage toning to summoned creatures.
Bound weapons do elemental damage if you have Mystic Binding lvl2 (added new perk) and have any summoned creatures around. With Fire Atronach you get fire damage; with Frost Atronach, you get frost damage; with Strom Atronach, you get lightening damage. After you have Elemental Potency perk, the elemental damage are enhanced.
Bound weapons do sun damage to undead creatures after you have Oblivion Bindings perk, when you raise dead or summon undead (Dawnguard) creatures.
After you have Dark Souls perk, the sun damage to undead creatures are enhanced, too.
And that's not all. After you have Twin Souls perk, you can have 2 summons at the same time. By this time, your bound weapons will have 2 elemental damage types according to your summons. Just like master enchanter with 2 enchantment on your weapons. And you can change elemental type according to your situation by summoning different creatures or raising dead.
Tired of crafting game breaking god items, or simply just tired of manual labor of grinding crafting skills? Now, you my friend has come to the right place! I'm sure you will find something you need.
The exact elemental damage values are as following: fire and sun damage 10pt 1sec; ice and storm 10pt with stamina/magica damage as per basic enchantment. After upgrade with Elemental Potency and Dark Souls perks, fire and sun 20pt 1sec; ice and storm 15pt. They're slightly weaker than max lvl Nightingale weapons, so they are not game-breakingly strong, but with banishing and soul traps mixed in (if you have the perks as vanilla), they sure are more versatile. And you don't need Smithing and Enchanting, all you need is Conjuration (and of course weapons skills) and lots of magica (summons and bound weapon cost), as a mage should have plenty, and still have plenty uses for the artifacts you will find along the way.
Note: Dragon Priest and Dremoralord have storm magicsummon attributes in vanilla, so they should provide storm element for bound weapons.
* Bound Arrows - A playable bound arrows mod in misc. Apprentice lvl Conjuration spell, summons a quiver of magic arrows and equip on cast, then switch to a bow to use. It contains a modified vanilla carbon copy of BoundArrowsEffectScript.pex script file (source included). Added spelltome to leveled list, buyable and lootable, use {{bash:relev}} (or manually make one using TES5Edit) to ensure leveled list compatibility. No DCLs required.
Note: It's mainly a CK learning experience (and I hate to run out off ammos in the middle of nowhere), child's play to many modders, please don't laugh. LOL

Should be compatible with many magic mods, if they don't modify one vanilla perk Mystic Binding, don't totally remove Elemental Potency and Dark Souls vanilla perks and don't modify bound weapon enchantment effects.
Bound Armory - Gruftlord, the mod author of Bound Armory, has kindly made a stand alone version of Elemental Binding - Bound Armory Edition hosted here. It's fully stand alone. (It does not require Vanilla Edition or Bound Armory Light mod. If you want full version of Bound Armory load it after Bound Armory Full version.) It follows Bound Armory's damage scaling and includes many bound weapons not available in vanilla Skyrim. See mod page for further details.

Single "Elemental Binding.esp" file, use manager or manually place in Data folder and tick the plugin and you are done. Placing along with other magic mods in load order. If conflict place after or leave a comment asking for patches. If I'm able (new to CK) I'll see what I can do. Uninstalling is as simple, remove the file with manager or simply delete it. No scripts, only couple vanilla records and condition edits. Just make sure you don't have any bound weapons (especially the sword) equipped with your last save you will be fine. There's this vanilla bug that sometimes it crashes on load with bound sword equipped.

Tools and settings
Creation Kit and TES5Edit for cleaning.
PhotoFiltre7 resize, text, format conversion and layering for some comparison shots.
Stock ini on High setting with fxaa, 0-aa 8-af, light fade 25 and object detail fade, no HD texture (old rig) for the previewing screenshots taken.

Mods used (relevant in screenshots)
Relighting Skyrim
Darkness - Vanilla Lighting Tweaks
aMidianBorn Book of Silence
UNP Female Armors
Belt Fastened Quivers

Fus Ro Dah!
Check my other mod if you are interested. The lighting in the screenshots are from Darkness mod.
Darkness - Vanilla Lighting Tweaks - This is a simple lighting mod for Skyrim with dark night weather (inc. dusk and dawn) lighting and dark interior/dungeons environmental lighting. It only modifies vanilla weather and lighting records, no custom textures, lighting templates or weather patterns. It'll bring natural dark nights and interior for balanced immersion and gameplay, but maintain vanilla lighting feel as much as possible.