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The house from Sotha Sil Expended. A magic and technological themed manor fully navmeshed with auto-sorting storage, full suppert for spouses, Hearthfire, and Dawnguard, over 21 rooms to find, artifacts from past games, a fully voiced butler, and tons and tons and tons of special features.

Permissions and credits
Disclaimer: I did not make this mod. Trainwiz offered me to upload it.


Your house from Sotha Sil Expanded, now in Skyrim!
Built as a home-away-from-home for the great Telvanni lord Divayth Fyr, Fyr Manor has sat for centuries in the Clockwork City, changing hands almost as often as it loses its modules!
But now, with the Nerevarine off in Akavir and Lord Fyr having fun in some pocket realm, the Manor desires a new caretaker, and what better caretaker than the Dragonborn?
So, without waiting to see if they even want the house, the Dovahkiin now finds himself warped to the last working part of Sotha Sil, and ruthlessly given one of the greatest houses ever constructed.

-Easy access teleport to and from Fyr Manor!
-Ideal for technological and magic based characters!
-Lots of storage, including auto-sorting storage!
-Fully-navmeshed and lit.
-Support for spouses
-Dawnguard and Hearthfire Support
-Fully voiced AI butler, Server, your server server, fresh from SSE and ready to answer all your questions and lose your rooms somewhere in a pocket-realm!
-The player can find additional 'room modules' out in the world, and hook them up to the house mainframe, unlocking more and more rooms to complete their house!
-Easy room access, simply ask Server which room you'd like, and find it attached to the house and ready for... doing whatever you do in rooms!
-Secrets, treasures, custom objects, notes, and lore, left behind by your predecessors for you to discover!
-New hidden equipment, including artifacts from past games. The Hammer of Garen, Sotha Sil's mask and staff, and even Coo.
-New Spells
-Custom architecture and textures!

-Alchemy Lab: Grows rare plants in planters, has alchemy table.

-Armory: Has all forge components, as well as mannequins and plaques

-Atronach Arena: Can spawn atronachs to fight them for salts.

-Bedrooms: Bed for all people, plus storage.

-Enchanting Lab: Has enchanting table, as well as staff enchanter, plus heartstone and soulgem geodes.

-Fabricant Lab: Features throwing-spider making thing, as well as appliances that can make soul-gems out of soul-gem fragments, and break dynamos into scrap metal and dwemer pneumas (powerful ingredients), and break down fabricant pneum- oh wait they're all dead. Whoops.

-Main Hall: Features exit, and the server box for Server.

-Hall of Achievements: Trophy areas and plaques, as well as achievement statues (basically shrines that appear if the player achieves certain in-game things, that grant blessings).

-Library: Bookshelves and Bookshelves. Contains reading chair with lamp.

-Observatory: Contains all birthsign stones

-Portal Room: Contains portals that can be used to travel to a variety of places, as well as a portal to Sotha Sil's lab, provided you can find out how to turn it back on.

-Power Core: Grants passive bonuses if you bathe in its light, and skin cancer. Mostly skin cancer.

-Server's Room: Doubles as storage

-Shrine: Contains shrines to all major deities, except Talos.

-Throne Room: Contains a throne that grants you a blessing and plays music when you sit in it, because why not.

-Bone Crusher: Turns dragon bones and scales into bone powder and powerful ingredients.

-Sotha Sil's Lab: What?

Rooms Added by Dawnguard Patch:
-Crossbow Manufactory: Allows for forging of bolts and crossbows, as well as the ability to mix things together to get new crossbows.
-Soul Lab: Contains plants from the Soul Cairn, a portal to it, as well as soul gem rocks and a soul fissure.

Added by Hearthfire Patch:
-Kitchen: Nuff said.
-Greenhouse: Also nuff said.
-Kid's Room: Room for children, has toys, Sotha Silego bricks, and his old pet netch named Arry (if you're wondering how it could survive all these thousands of years, well it's Sotha Sil, so shut up.)

Just install it as you would any other mod. When you first start up the game, a special glowing ball will spawn in front of you. Pick it up, and equip it to be taken to the entrance of Fyr Manor, enter, then talk to Serve (the console with the two lights).
To unlock new rooms, you must find 'room modules' out in the world. Server will give you a list of where they might be if you ask him, and you can find an example module next to his box.
Once you have found a server module, take it back to Fyr Manor and place it in the server box (the big barrel in the foyer). You may then hook up that room.
Additional patches, that is, the Hearthfire and Dawnguard Plugins, must be loaded AFTER the Fyr_ManorBase.esp mod.

This mod is compatible with a vast majority of mods. All it truly adds out in the world is a platform near Dawnstar (between Ysgramor's tomb and the tower stone). Mods that add stuff at that exact location will, obviously, conflict.
This also modifies the marriage dialogue. If you have any mods that modify that (such as the 'spouses can live anywhere' mod), load it AFTER Fyr Manor.
Otherwise, no other mods are known to conflict, since Fyr Manor is in Another Place.
Hearthfire's nursery does NOT support children from the get-go! Modifying the scripts turned out to be far too risky.
Instead, use the multiple adoptions mod to make your adoptable kids able to live in the manor.
If you ask Server to hook up a room if you only have the first room (the bedroom), he will exist conversation. This is because he has no rooms to hook up. So go find a room.

-1.01 Added additional mannequins and stands in the armory and hall of achievement, along with dragon priest displays.

Opheuse, for voicing Server.
Haishao, for her models, testing, and general help.
Shippin, for their Seht logo.
InsanitySorrow, for his barrel. Just the barrel.
Saga, for her illustrations.
HolyAtrimony and Hisrotundity, for their books.
Saint Jiub, for his fabulous Sothatextures.